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How To Write Up Awesome Blog Content That’s Over 1,000 Words In Only 2 Hours

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Creating content is the worst struggle for bloggers. It’s so ironic because as bloggers we’re supposed to create content, we write long articles, we produce beautiful photos, and we make awesome videos. It’s supposed to be our forte. We should be the masters of creating content. But in reality, it’s most of the time the hardest thing for us.

A couple of months ago, I decided to get serious with creating epic and long content that’s useful and informative. Before that, I used to write content that’s probably less than 500 words. I can’t remember any of my old published posts having at least 1,000 words. That’s why, at that time, I was able to publish a post everyday. However, now I only publish once a week. Why? Because creating awesome content like this doesn’t take just one day. Hang on! Don’t leave yet because you think the title is a lie. It’s actually a fact. I write up articles that’s over 1,000 to 2,000 words long in only 2 hours. But then why did I say that creating content takes more than a day? That’s because creating it and writing it, are two different things.


Creating content is like giving birth. I’ve never been pregnant before but I think you will all agree with me that before you give birth to a child, you have to conceive it first. That’s the same thing with creating content. You have to conceive the topic first before you can actually write it.


So I wrote this article to share with all of you exactly how I conceive my content and give birth to a lot of epicness.


Always Carry A Notebook

You know how inspiration always strikes in the wrong time? It strikes when you’re not in front of your laptop to write down the article you just thought of. That’s why not everyone is rich from their brilliant ideas because when people get the time to execute their inspirations, they tend to forget it already. That’s why I like to carry a notebook around so I can write up ideas whenever they pop in my head. You can also use your phone or a tablet to write those ideas down but I prefer notebook because a lot of times, with the many things that’s stored in our phones, tablets, or laptops, we tend to forget the important ones that we’ve saved. So have a specific notebook that’s only for blogging and nothing else. That way when you open it up, all the pages will feed you great content and blogging ideas and not facebook timelines. Got it?


Write Down The Title Or The Topic

Our brains are really too awesome that even we can’t handle them sometimes. They tend to be messy when it comes to ideas. But the best way you can start to get organized with your blog content is to write down the topic first, this way when you go back to it, you’ll get the general idea of what you wanted to write about and not just the tidbits.


Write Down Who It’s For And Why Would Anyone Read It

A blog content is never going to be epic if no one is going to read it and benefit from it, you can only say that it’s epic if at least one person got something out of it. A tip or trick, or maybe a life lesson. Content creation is all about the audience. So once you have the title of your topic or what you want to write about, think about who you want to write it for and why you want to write it for that person. Being specific is so much more better than trying to write for a general audience. That way you get to narrow down your content and write in more detail. Better narrow and deep than wide and shallow.


Do The Research

If there’s one thing being an engineer taught me, it’s that claiming or declaring something is always best convincing when it’s backed up by data. So for blogging, your data is going to come from research. A lot of great bloggers look for other sources to back up their topic. It’s ok that you don’t have everything you need in that beautiful mind of yours. In fact, it’s even better if you link to a source that’s more popular and credible than you are. That way, your audience will see that the post you are linking to agrees to what you are talking about. That adds credibility to you.


Remember that research is very much different from copying someone else’s ideas. Backup data is different from the content itself.




Write Down The Main Points In Bullets

Once you have your topic and did a little research, you’ll now have enough material to create the backbone of your content, which are the main points in bullets. Or as scrollers would refer to them better as the important points in article. Yes, just like the ones in bold letters in this article. This will help you later on to make your article flow perfectly from one point to another when you’re writing it. It will also be helpful to readers as it cuts down the length of each part. Reading a long and continues article is agonizing so having bullets for main points is better. It will also guide your reader on what they are about to learn and if they believe that it’s not for them they can just skip to the next point. For long articles, there’s no skipping, there’s only just leaving and looking for better blog posts on the internet.


Here’s a trick I like to do. I’ve downloaded Google docs on my phone and tablet so I can start writing and creating the backbone of my content when I have spare time. I like to write down the main points on doc so that when I have enough time for the full article, I can just open it and it’s ready to be filled in.


Write Down Quotes And Phrases For The Article

Guess what? You get to be witty in your articles by including quotes and phrases that are related to your topic. Quotes and phrases makes your article read smarter. It’s also a Twitter Marketing strategy. Do you ever notice those blog posts that have Click to Tweet links for their quotes. That’s right. It allows others to share your blog post thru a quote or a phrase. And quotes are actually more clickable than those share me buttons for your article that are easily ignored. This way you get to reach out to a bigger audience from your audience’s followers.


Write The Article

There’s nothing left to do but to write down the full content of that epic blog post. To be honest, these are the exact steps that I took to write down this article and it took me less than 2 hours to write it down. But I’ve had the idea for weeks now. For the past two days I lacked the inspiration to write anything good. I couldn’t come up with a topic and I was going nuts scraping the cells off my brain. It was a good thing I have reserve topics for days like this that I did not know what to blog about.



There’s nothing like proofreading an awesome article to make it even more awesome. To tell you the truth, I don’t really proofread most of my published posts because I lack the time. That may explain the many grammatically wrong sentences and misspelled words. But if I could proofread all my articles before publishing them, I would. It makes your blog look more professional and again more credible if you don’t have those eSes turning into Dees.


Review The Title

Proofreading the article is one thing but reviewing the article is another. You know how you want to write about something then end up writing about something else. Though it may not be totally out of your original topic sometimes your articles may tend to segway in a different direction leaving your title to be not the perfect title of choice. So even if you can’t proofread your whole article make sure to review your title before publishing.


While you’re doing that, as a content marketing strategy, you can also rewrite your article in way that will make it compelling and clickable for your readers.


Make An Editorial Calendar For Your Content Creation

Do you still have your notebook with you, I bet that after all that you’re already able to write down loads of topics that you want to write about. And after a while your notebook is going to get a little messy. One way to organize those ideas is by having an editorial calendar for your blog so you would know what topics you’re going to write for that day or week. I know we bloggers tend to just write on a whim but still an editorial calendar will help you especially on days when your brain dries out of inspiration.


So get out there and start giving birth to epic content.


Let me know what you think about this post by leaving a comment below and let your friends know about this so they’d benefit from it too.


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