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How To Write The Perfect Blog Author Bio

How To Write The Perfect Blog Author Bio


There are two ways in which bloggers write. That would be based on their own experiences or based on their research and observations. Most bloggers are very comfortable in writing based on their own experiences. In fact, it’s probably the easiest way to write. But somehow when it comes to writing the perfect blog author bio, we are mostly at a loss.


We like to talk about ourselves. We like to share about the things that we do and the things that make us proud. We like to expound about our experiences in life. It’s just human nature. Yet, translating that to a biography, especially to a blog author biography, is not quite as we expect.


Writing something becomes hard for us when we don’t fully understand the topic. You might be thinking that I don’t know what I’m saying because you’re pretty sure that you know yourself too well and more than any type of research can define. But the question is do you really know what an author bio is?


What Is A Blog Author Bio?

In general terms, a biography is a detailed description of a person’s life. It can contain anything from her job, her age, her hobbies, and the natural color of her hair. Writing a biography is very simple, however, a blog author biography may be harder.


A blog author bio is a short description of the blogger. It may contain anything the blogger wishes to write about herself. But if you as a blogger wants more out of your biography, you’re going to want to learn more about writing the perfect blog author bio.


Because a blog author bio works more than just a description of who you are and what you do. It is actually your virtual face and profile. You’re not presenting it to yourself but you are presenting it to your readers or your audience. Your blog author bio gives them your impression.


Write a blog author bio that says how pretty and beautiful you are and your readers will likely think that you’re a narcissist. Write a blog author bio that’s depressing and your readers might think that you’re suicidal.


Your blog author bio is an additional data for your audience to decide whether they will want to follow you or not. So writing the bio is actually more critical than you think.


I’ll be sharing with you how to write the perfect blog author bio by learning what elements you should include in it.


The Elements Of A Perfect Blog Author Bio

Let’s face it, there’s really no such thing as perfect… Or is there?


What is perfect anyway? How do you define perfect? It’s a very common word that you use but you believe that there’s no such thing. I’ll tell you now, that there is such a thing as perfect. Because perfection is subjective.


“That’s perfect!”

“Yes, I love it. It’s perfect.”

“You’re so perfect to me.”

“Those shoes are a perfect match to your dress.”


Sound familiar? Deja vu? You’ve been using this word on a day-to-day basis. How can you not believe in it? I’d like to expound on this more but I don’t want to divert from the main topic of this article. I only want to make you believe that there is such a thing as perfect.


Perfection is subjective. The word itself is a definition based on emotions. If I feel like this author bio is perfect, then it is. – Click To Tweet


And for the perfect blog author bio, here are the elements that you are going to need to write it.


Write Something About Yourself

This should be easy, right? Nope, it’s not. As I’ve mentioned, we like to talk about ourselves. We can go the whole day talking about ourselves and we can probably write up a ten-page bio if we want to. But that’s not a what a blog author bio is because it is supposed to be kept short.


To keep things simple, there are two things that you can share about yourself. You don’t need to add your birthday or the maiden name of your mother, you just have to include these two elements.



When writing about personal things, choose only what you think your audience should be reading. Remember that not all personal things should be disclosed to the public. What do you think your audience will like you for. What do you think your readers will be able to relate to. You can include a few things, like where you’re from, what you love to do, and what your hobbies are.


Again, remember to keep it short by trying to write it in just one sentence.



This is another thing that you can share about yourself. You can share your job but not things from your job. Some blogger can share what they do as a professional because most of us actually have full-time jobs other than blogging.


You can say that you’re a doctor, an engineer, a teacher, or whatever it is that you do.


It doesn’t have to be related to your blog niche. Sharing something about yourself gives your audience the feel that you are a real person just like them. It allows them to get to know you on a personal level even if you’re not sharing anything personal on your blog. It’s always good to humanize your blog at some small point.


To keep your blog author bio short, you should also write this in just one sentence, or you can include it in the same sentence with your personal things.


Share What You Do

After the first or second sentence, it’s time to get serious about your blogging. So this is the point where you can start sharing what you do as a blogger.


Don’t just say that you’re a blogger from www.”yourwebsite”.com. You have to get specific and provide more details. What is it really that you do?


Share something about why you’re blogging. Tell them your goals with your blog. Let them know your mission.


This part of a blog author bio is very important because it lets your audience know you as a blogger. And with this, they will also get an idea of what your blog is about.


You can write this in another sentence or two sentences at maximum.


How To Write The Perfect Blog Author Bio (1)


Note Who Your Audience Are

After you’ve shared what you do on your blog you also need to specify who you’re writing for. Though this is not necessary because the part where you share what you do should already make it obvious, it’s always a nice addition to be specific.


This is also a way for you to understand your audience much better and to keep on narrowing your niche. Write down who you’re writing for and keep to that list.


Don’t write for yourself. Write for your audience. – Click To Tweet


Tell Them What You Can Do For Them

Letting your readers know what you do on your blog is one thing but telling them what you can do for them is another.


People will always want something out of something.


Your audience reads your blog because they learn from it. They read it because they are entertained by it. People will not read something without a good reason. So give them a reason to read your blog posts. Give them a good reason for them to sign up to your newsletter.


Tell them what you can do for them. It helps to be specific. And it also makes it more compelling if you tell them the results of what you can do for them.


For example, you can tell them that you can teach them how to blog and the result would be that they would start making money out of their blogs.


Write it short yet make it compelling.


Your Contact

Last but not the least, don’t forget your contacts. This is probably the most important thing on your blog author bio, especially when you’re on someone else’s blog or website. You’re going to need to include a link back so readers will know where to find you and contact you. It’s not necessarily your contact number or email. Most of the time it’s a link to your location on the internet where you mostly hang out.


These are the two main links that are mostly used by bloggers.


Link To Your Blog Or Website

You’re not a blogger unless you own a blog. Many get confused about being a freelance writer and a blogger. If you’re getting paid to write for blogs or websites, then you’re a freelance writer. If you’re writing on your own blog, then you’re a blogger.


As a blogger, the best link that you can add to your blog author bio is blog URL.


If you’re a freelance writer, you can at least link back to your website where you’re hosting your writing business. Or you can link back to your portfolio.


Link To Your Preferred Social Media

Social media links are also best to include in your biography. If you’re trying to build your following, it’s a great idea to add this link where readers can turn into followers.


Don’t spam your blog author bio with links. You can have one or two (maybe three at max) blog links and maybe a maximum of three or four social media links. Also, make sure to use the icons that would appear under your bio for the social media links. WordPress has this easy option by editing your user profile.


Samples Of Perfect Blog Author Bios

Let’s take a look at and analyze a few blog author bios from professional bloggers. You’ll get an idea of how to write yours.


Melyssa Griffin from


Blog Author Bio Melyssa Griffin


This sample of blog author bio shows the basics such as her name and her profile photos. The content of her bio contains almost exactly all the elements of a perfect blog author bio.


Melyssa Griffin shares what she does as a blogger–”teaches online courses and workshops” and what she can offer in her blogging business–”online courses and workshops”.


She also indicates who she writes for or who her audience are–”entrepreneurs and bloggers”.


In a creative way, she tells the results of her help–”to turn passion into a full-time business”.


She adds more details to her blogging world, like her Facebook group that has over 10,000 members.


She also shares something personal–”She believes it’s always the right time for a dance party, and that almond milk lattes are a necessity”.


Notice that she doesn’t have a link back to her blog. That’s because this author bio is already on her blog. But she does include her social media links as icons under her blog author bio.


Adam Connell from


Blog Author Bio Adam Connel


Adam’s blog author bio looks much shorter but is packed with almost all the necessary elements. Notice that he doesn’t have link backs to his blog, that’s because this blog author bio is also on his blog and there’s really no need to include that. He also didn’t include any social media links but he did add a link to sign up for his blog’s newsletter.


Adam shares a little bit of history about how he came to be a blogger–”used to run a team of marketers”. And then expounds on what he does as a blogger–”he shares what he’s learned about growing blogs and businesses”. In the same sentence, you’ll have an idea of the results if you follow him and keep on reading his blog–”grow your blog and business”.


Then he also shares something personal–”he’s a fan of Firefly and Chinese takeaways”.


And at the end of his bio, he shares more details to what he can offer as a blogger and if you subscribe to his newsletter–”you’ll get our best content & 15+ guides to grow your online presence faster”.


Heide Padilla from


Blog Author Bio Heide Padilla


Let’s take a look at one more example. I want to analyze my own blog author bio. As you can see, I’ve started by sharing something personal about myself–”I’m a reader, writer, coffee addict, travel junkie, foodie and money savvy blogger”.


This blog author bio is what I use on my blog but you’ll notice that I have a link back to my blog. I have no great explanation for that other than the fact that I’m lazy. This is the same blog author bio that I use when I’m guest posting on other blogs. This makes sure that I get a link back to my own blog. I also have links to my other blogs Start With A Peso and Flavorful Travels. Then I have social media links, which are the icons under my bio.


I share a little bit about what I do as a blogger–”currently on the path to discovering how to improve content creation”. You’ll probably notice that I did not exactly specify the results of my services or what I can offer. But you’ll realize that the result is “to be able to build  business”. You’ll get that idea after you’ve read how I aim to help my readers who have the same goals.


Speaking of readers, I also specified who I write for–”bloggers, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and creatives”.



Writing your blog author bio doesn’t exactly have to follow all the elements in this post and how they are lined up. You can definitely tweak it to your liking. Choose only to include the elements that work for you. As long as you know what a blog author bio is for, you’ll be writing yours to that goal perfectly.


Remember that perfection is subjective. If you think your blog author bio is now perfect, then it should be ok to publish. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t change or edit it after some time. Things will change and so will your blog or business, keep on updating it to match what you’re currently doing on your blog.


Keep it short, simple, humanized, and compelling.


I’d love to know what your biggest takeaway from this post is. Let me know by leaving a comment below.


PS. You migh want to check out this post on How To Create Valuable Posts To Optimize Content Marketing.


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  • What a great article Heide! I need to do my own bio at some point. There just seems to be way too much to do every day at the moment. Especially with a full time job during the day!

    • Hey, Linda. I know what you mean. It’s really hard to manage time when you’re juggling a full timw job and trying to build your blog. But it always pays in the long run if we give a little extra effort to do things faster and prioritize so we can get to doing the important stuff.

      I sure do hope you can find time to write your bio. Let me know when you do. I’d totally love to check it out.