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What Happens When You Take A Break From Blogging And How To Get Back

What Happens When You Take A Break From Blogging And How To Get Back (1) || KOL Blogging

I have been away from blogging for far too long, for far 3 months too long. But now I’m back. And hopefully it’s for good or at least it’s for longer because I’ve missed my baby blogs, KOL Blogging and my latest Start With A Peso and I’ve missed writing. I’ve no excuse for not writing for a while. I was busy, maybe. I was travelling a lot. On the road most of the time. I got distracted from my blog goals. But all that is settled now and hopefully I can still travel a lot and then blog at the same time.


So what exactly happened when I stopped blogging?


I’ve Lost My Escape

On a personal level, writing is not just a hobby for me, it’s a sort of meditation, an escape from the world and into my own world. It’s something that I love to do. That’s why I started blogging in the first place. So when I stopped writing, my escape also stopped. It’s almost as if I fell out of love. And it’s really sad.


If you’re like me who treats her blogs like babies, you’d know how I feel. And you’d probably do everything to get back to blogging.


I’ve Had Time To Rest And Rethink

Though I just described that I went through something horrible (exaggerating), I’d have to admit, I actually had a good break and had loads of fun while I was at it. Hey, I wasn’t just sitting around doing nothing each day that I was away from blogging. Like I said, I was travelling a lot. And travelling is recently something I fell in love with. It’s actually amazing because I discovered a different side of myself.


Along the road I also got to rethink my goals for my blog and my online business. It’s something that I probably won’t be able to do when I’m busy writing.


So taking a break from my blogs has both positive and negative effects on me personally. Now it’s time to look at the effect only blog on a technical level.




My Blog Traffic Went Down

This is the biggest effect that I can sight and will sight for my blogs. Three months without update dropped KOL’s traffic by half, which I think is pretty lucky considering that I was expecting it to be totally zero traffic. Seriously! It seems that all the blog changes I’ve made to Kintsugi of Life so far has some great results. I know I should be moping about the fact that my traffic went down, but I’m really happy. I’ve even been getting additional email subscribers thanks to my ebook!


So now I’m back and I’m taking the steps to get back to blogging. And here I am sharing those steps with you just in case you’re like me who also took a hiatus from blogging.


Find Your Motivation

I didn’t just start blogging again. I wanted to but I felt as if I didn’t exactly know where I wanted to start. Was I just going to just continue blogging on my current blogs? Or should I just create a new one? And pushing myself to just start writing again is a little hard. I had to find the motivation to do it and I did that by visiting other blogs, especially my favorite ones. Reading their stories of success makes me want to go down that road too. It’s an awesome feeling when I’ve found my fire again.


Start With A Clean Slate

My inbox has been filled with so many unread emails from blogs that I’ve subscribed to. I wanted to read them all, honestly, but if I did, I wouldn’t be motivated, I would have just felt so tired and filled with responsibility of reading three months worth of email. And to be honest I’m not the type of person to be committed to such things. So I highlighted all those unread emails and deleted them just like that, besides they are already old. It would be better if I started with news that’s up to date and fresh.


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Choose A Topic And Just Start Writing

When I decided to blog again this isn’t exactly the first post that I wrote. A week ago, I’ve already published a blog post at Start With A Peso. I’ve chosen a topic about 7 Money Resolutions for 2016. It’s not just about choosing a topic, it’s about coming out big. And because it’s the start of the year, resolutions are all the hype. So I just went for it and started writing until I’ve created a banging blog post that I’m pretty sure will help a lot of people with their finances this year.


Publish It And Publish It Big

Just starting to blog again got me rolling. The last thing to do with that first step was to hit that publish button. If you’re as serious with your blog as I am, you’d probably understand all the crazy feeling that churns in the stomach right before hitting that publish button. But publishing isn’t the only thing that needs to be done. Publishing big means that you’d have to go to many other lengths to get that blog post to reach other people. Like publishing on social media, and letting other people and other bloggers know that you’re back in the blogosphere.


So I’m back and expect that I will be staying for the long run. Have you ever experienced a hiatus from blogging? Chat me up on the comments section below. I’d love to know how you got back to blogging.


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