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Visme Review + Video And Infographic

Visme Review

Visme is a software or an online tool that can be used for creating presentations, infographics, or any visual projects that can be used in a variety of ways. In this post, I’m going to show you the many great features of Visme that are very useful in creating better content plus a bonus video for Visme review and, to sum it all up, an infographic made from a Visme project.


This tool is great for bloggers when creating great content. One of the things that makes the content better is through visual graphics such as photos, data, images, and much more that help to elaborate the message you’re trying to send out to your readers. As a blogger who is on this path to discovering more ways of creating great content, Visme has just come in a wonderful time.


You can check out this video of my review of Visme.


Visme Review



Features Of Visme

There are three main options to choose from when you create your visual projects on Visme–presentation, infographic, or blank.


Visme Create New Project


Create A Presentation

Choosing this option will allow you to create your visual projects on a canvas the size of a standard presentation layout or the usual landscape layout. You also get a few free presentation templates from Visme even if you’re using the free account, but you get more templates if you’re using standard or complete premium account versions.


Create An Infographic

Another option that you can choose for a project on Visme is to create an infographic. Visme is probably by far the best infographic tool I’ve seen and this is the area where they get competitive with other online tools for creating visual graphics. I think this software is actually preferable for people who are data driven because it’s easy to create infographics with the free templates. The free account only has limited infographic templates but the premium ones get a seemingly endless variety of options.


Trust me, even a blogger like me who has a hard time creating graphics can create a professional looking infographics in less than an hour with Visme.


Create A Blank Project

At first glance, Visme may not look like it has that much options for visual projects, unlike other software that offers templates for creating banners for social media, websites, letters, resumes, or others. Though Visme doesn’t offer any templates that fit these perfectly, you do get the option to create a blank project. The drawback is only that you would need to know the canvas size of the project that you want to create. But this means that you can choose the dimension of your canvas. In this way, you can still create anything from an Instagram post to a resume.


What Can This Tool Be Used For?

Visme projects can be used for many different things that require any graphics designs and here are a couple applications that I’ve thought of.



Presentations are most definitely one of the things that Visme projects can be used for because it is in one of the main options and it’s also one of the projects that is easiest to create.



Just like presentations, infographics is also one of the main options to choose as a Visme project. And as I’ve mentioned above it’s definitely easy to create on this tool because of the available templates.


Visme Infographic



Webinars is also another way to use the projects. The option is also similar to presentations. It’s easy to do this because Visme also a wide range of options on how to share your projects publicly, even publishing them online.


Data Visualization

I find that Visme is a tool for those who are actually more into data presentation. There is an option to create visual data such as graphs and charts the same way you can create it through an excel sheet. So it’s super easy.


Website And Social Media Banners Or Ads

The blank project option gives you the capability to create anything you want. From this, you can create projects for both your website and your social media accounts. You can make banners and even ad images.


Who Can Benefit From Visme?

Since this tool can create almost anything for visual projects, almost anyone can also benefit from it. But I think here are three people who can benefit from it the most.



Bloggers like myself will definitely benefit from this tool. As I’ve mentioned at the start of this posts, creating content becomes better with attractive visual graphics and design that can elaborate the message better for the audience and readers.



Because this tool is quite helpful if you are more analytical, it’s definitely going to help marketers to present their data from experiments or surveys.


Teachers And Students

In today’s generation, educational projects have become digital, so this software is most definitely a tool that can be used by teachers and students.


Publishing On Visme

Once you’ve created your project on Visme, there are a lot of ways to publish your design. You can share your project online like on social medias. You can get the HTML code of your project and embed it on your website or on your blog. You can also download it. For the free account, you can only download your projects in JPG format, while for the premium accounts you can download them in JPG, PNG, PDF, and even HTML 5.


Visme Publish


Bonus: Stock Photos

A bonus feature that I’ve seen on Visme is their stock photos. You wouldn’t believe the number of free images they provide and this is not only available with the premium account but it’s also available for the free account. So you get access to these and be able to create beautiful graphic designs. I think it’s perfect for creating featured images for a blog post.


Visme Stock Photos



For the pricing of Visme, as I’ve mentioned they have a free or basic account which costs nothing. So you can try out the tool before actually upgrading to a premium plan. But of course, a free account always has limitations. There are two premium accounts to choose from. There’s the Standard Premium, which is $7/ month. Then there’s the Complete Premium, which is $16/ month. I think the pricing is pretty fair. It’s a great tool and the features for the Complete Account is totally worth it.


Visme Pricing


Minor Technical Problems

I’ve been using Visme for about two months now and I’ve noticed that sometimes there are minor technical problems with the tool. If you’ve watched the video review, you’ll be able to notice one of these issues when I tried choosing a background for my presentation and the background didn’t load until I tried choosing a different one. There are also times when the icons are not responding when I try to enlarge them. There are several others like this but the good thing is the tool continuously saves the project so when you refresh the page, which usually works to resolve the issue, your project is not going to be lost. I’ve been using the tool on Chrome, I’ve never tried it on other browsers so I’m not sure if these issues will also be seen in other browsers.



Even if Visme has some technical issues, it’s still totally worth it. It’s definitely a tool that can best be used for creating infographics and presentations to show data from experiments, surveys and more. It can be used anywhere, and it can be used by anyone. It helps bloggers create better content with visual graphics.


So make sure to check out Visme and visit their website by clicking here.


I hope you find this review helpful. You can check out a summary of my review in the video above or on the infographic below. You can also check out a quick video from Visme at the end of the post. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below.


Visme Review



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