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How To Utilize Your Widgets To Keep Your Readers Clickin’

So you’ve been blogging for a while now and your traffic seems to be increasing and you’re getting a few unique visits here and there. But *raises point finger* your viewers bounce as soon as they come in. A lot of amateur bloggers find that it’s great to get lots of unique visits every week because this is what some ads pay for. But a long term blogger wouldn’t want just unique visits. A long term blogger wants viewers or audience to keep coming back and stay a while. In the long run, loyal readers matter more than unique visits. This article will show you how to utilize your widgets to keep your readers clickin’.

If you’re trying to build a business out of your blog, you’d want to have loyal readers because they are the ones that mostly trust you. So if you sell something to them, they’ll most likely buy it. If you recommend something or give them advice, they’ll most likely believe you. Potential brands that you’ll be working with as a blogger wants an influencer.

So as young as you are in the blogosphere, it’s never too early to learn and understand how you can keep your readers clicking on your page and staying under your radar, and of course enjoying you can offer to them.

There are a lot of ways you can keep your audience to stick around. One of the fun things you can do is to edit your template accordingly. Here are some tips on how you can do just that.


Navigation Bar: Create Categories

When people visits your blog and find your recently published post as interesting, they will likely look for more content. But the sort of content they are going to look for will depend on their interest. For example, if have a fashion blog, someone who is addicted to shoes will most likely look for posts on your blog that are related to shoes. And someone looking for a dress for her birthday party will most likely look for posts that are related to dresses. So what you need to do is create categories. It’s great that you know your niche and you’re focused on it, but a niche can still be categorized and even subcategorized to inform your readers better. Rather than letting them know you’re a photographer, let them know you are a photographer who takes photos of landscapes, events, and more. Note that categories are best seen on the navigation bar than anywhere else on your blog. That’s why it’s called navigation. Use it to redirect your readers to where they want to be.


Popular Posts On Sidebar

Here’s a neat trick I learned from Dana Fox’s 7 Day Blog Bootcamp (The Wonder Forest). Instead of using the usual widget that shows your most popular posts, try displaying your best posts. They don’t have to be the most popular ones, but they should be what you think are your best works and most helpful, most funny, or most entertaining ones. Those are the posts that you think your audience is going to love or, at the very least, be interested in.


Make Your Footer Work

Your footer is very powerful if you know how to use it well. Some footers are just left open or clear with totally nothing. Some are too messy. You might have all your affiliate links down there, or the links to blog networks you’ve recently joined. Those links aren’t going to make your audience stay on your blog, instead they’re going to click on those links and leave your blog. So make sure you clear your footer of those stuff and place in widgets that will benefit your blog more. You can place a link to your business, or your best post ever, or place your archives there.


Related Posts

Popular posts and best posts are different. Related posts are even more different. You can use Nrelate or Linkwithin widgets to add at the end of each of your posts. These widgets scan all your posts and link them to related posts. Similar to categories, you’ll be directing your readers to the posts they are interested in. The difference is, with related posts, you’ll be serving more posts to your readers directly rather than they navigate thru your blog.


Try out these tips and let me know which ones worked for you!


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