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Tools To Help You Get Started On Your Online Business Without A Cost

Entrepreneurs and business owners know how hard it is to launch a startup, it takes time and of course lots of money. As part of the business industry’s growth everything is now going online. Small businesses are going virtual. Marketing strategies are done on the internet. The internet is very powerful. There is no limit to the reach you can get when you’re online. The more potential clients or customers you reach, the more money you can make. And starting a business online isn’t as hard or as costly as it used to. Well, not if you know the right tools to use. So I’m sharing with you the best tools to help you get started on your online business without a cost.


For a small business owner, your budget is very limited and you can only spread it too thin until it runs out. But with these online tools as substitutes to the usual ones that you pay for every month, you’ll be able to save tons.


These online tools will definitely help you get started on your online business without a cost.


Google Docs/ Files

Have you ever heard of cloud computing? It’s a term used for using the internet to store files online instead of saving them on a computer. Google docs have revolutionized that practice. If you’ve grown used to using Microsoft Office Tools like word document, excel sheets, and powerpoint presentations, well, you need to check out Google docs. They have the docs, the sheets, the slide presentations, and they even have forms.


You can now write your documents online and save them online. You can track your business activities, growth, and more using Google sheets like the excel sheets. You can create presentations for your proposals and reports. And the forms are perfect to use for online surveys, subscription or registration forms and more, which you can share on social medias, on your website, or on your blog.


Though Google files aren’t as powerful and doesn’t have the complete features like the Microsoft Office Tools, for simple activities, these are very helpful substitutes. So while your business is still young, you won’t need to put up that much capital just so you can do some office work.


All you need to do is create an account and you get access to all of these. You can also sign up using your Facebook, or Google Account.



Instead of hiring graphic artists or designers, a lot of small business owners or freelancers are now doing their own art to cut down the cost. But using a tool like Photoshop can still add up to the expense. If you’re not a designer or graphics artist, or aspiring to be one then you don’t really need to buy a Photoshop license, at least not until your business is making that much money for you to afford it.


If you just need the tool to design your campaign banners, create ads, infographics, or simple posters, then Canva is just right for you. Just like Google Docs, you can create an account on Canva for free and get access to so many designs and graphics that you can use to create something eye catching. And just like Google Docs, your work can be saved online or downloaded to your computer as an image or a high quality pdf.



If you’ve been in the business industry for quite some time, you’d know that emails are one way to build your customer, or your client base. Emails are the one thing you have full control of. It’s the only medium you can directly send messages to your subscribers to promote whichever products you are offering. In social medias, thousands of people are sharing, tweeting, and posting everyday, and you are one of them. When you send out your promotions to these social medias, you can never be sure that it will be able to reach all of your subscribers. For all you know your tweet could be buried under thousands of other tweets in just a few seconds. Unlike Facebook, which recently changed algorithm that makes your shares or posts not reach 100% of your audience and you have to pay to be able to reach more, email is designed specifically for the purpose of contacting and reaching other people and it’s algorithm is created for that sole purpose.


You can use Mailchimp to gather your subscribers in one place and send out your promotions to them. Mailchimp is free version that will help you grow your business larger.
Tools That Will Help You Get Started On Your Online Business Without A Cost



Box or Dropbox

A storage area for your business files are very important, and online is very convenient. Storing them online let’s you access them anywhere or anytime. You need to backup your files both online and offline. Backing them up on a hard drive only will give you the risk of losing them if the hardware malfunctions.


I’m currently using Box but Dropbox can also give you the storage space you need. You can save your important documents, sheets, pictures, and videos where you get access to them anytime.



As a business owner, organizing your work is very important. Dayviewer provides free organizer tools and calendars. The takeaway with Dayviewer is that you can use this with your business partner. You can both view the calendar and be in sync. You can view your progress and have task ownership. Dayviewer is very handy if you’re collaborating with a partner who is located far from you. You will no longer have to often travel far just to get your work in sync.



Another organizer that’s also very handy is Evernote. You can save your notes and track activities and the progress of your business using this online tool. The advantage of it is that you can use it on all your gadgets and sync your work on whichever you prefer to use at a time. All you have to do is download the free app on your phone or tablet and you’re all set.


Though these tools alone will not be enough to start your online business, they will be very helpful and can cut the cost of unnecessary purchase of tools or licenses when you’re only starting your online business.
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