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Things Bloggers Do That Are Not Really Helpful In Growing Their Blogs

Things Bloggers Do That Are Not Really Helpful In Growing Their Blogs

Do you remember when you started blogging? Or maybe you just started blogging now. I remember back in 2010 I had my very first blog and called it Cute Random Things. I was just browsing around the internet back then and came across a blog, at the time I didn’t know what a blog was, and it has the URL and I started to notice that I’m seeing a lot of sites like it so I googled it and I met Blogger. I’ve also tried WordPress but I’ve gotten used to Blogger so much that I was just too comfortable to leave it, plus I get to manually edit the HTML template. When I started blogging I was so excited to share things that I like and those that I find interesting. I blogged everyday and those little tiny spikes on my stats showing that someone visited my blog made my heart leap. Ha! Eventually I noticed things other bloggers did to drive traffic to their blogs and I also tried them and they did drive some traffic. I did so much of the things bloggers do that are not really helpful in growing their blogs.

Fast forward to today, I launched my new blog Kintsugi of Life a year ago and when I started blogging on this blog, I still did the things I used to do back in 2010 to drive traffic to my blog. But eventually I noticed that some of those were merely shouts of “hey!” that made people turn their heads for a little while but didn’t really stay for long. And I think all bloggers who want to be successful in blogging should know these, too.


Comment Spamming

Aha! I know you’d be able to relate. I used to do it, and honestly it’s not an honest way to make friends online. I mean don’t you just hate it when someone drops by your blog and says “Love This” and just leave their links below. It’s called SPAMMING and everybody hates them, even spammers hate them. You might not know it but you might be driving away potential real followers because of your spamming. It’s just irritating. I found this blogger once and I thought it was pretty cool until for each and every blog post that I publish all he had to leave was “Love This” and his link below it. Doesn’t that just pisses you off? Well, it did me. And as soon as I realized that spammers are really annoying and, let’s admit it, it’s a stupid thing to do, I immediately stopped doing it. It’s not that I want each and every word that I share to be read but that’s just not the goal of my blog. I want my writing to inspire and help people. I don’t mind people just skimming through and leaving me a comment that’s actually honest and in a way I’m able to inspire and help others. Commenting and leaving your links is a good way to drive traffic because you are inviting them to your site, but spamming is a whole different story. PS. If I leave my comment on your blog, that means I actually read it.


Fast Updates But Without Content

We all know that updating gets those spikes in the stats tapping the ceiling, but try to study your statistics. Have you ever noticed that in the long run your statistics is staying the same even with the efforts of spamming 50 other blogs a day? Ha! That’s because you’re doing it wrong. You don’t just want people to drop by your blog. You want them to keep coming back. And they’ll only come back if you’ve got something they want or need. If your content has no content at all, it’s most likely that your readers won’t be returning. If you’re running a site like mine, make sure that you give the best information that you can (this is one technique that doubled my traffic in just a week without doubling the effort, and I didn’t even had to spam anyone anymore). If your blog is a photography, art, or fashion blog make sure that you’re still giving what your audience wants from you. As a fashion blogger, readers go to you to get inspiration on how to style what they wear, how to accessorize, how to do their makeup, and all that. So make sure that your posts are full of content every time you update. Update frequently and with content.


No Images

Unless your blog is somewhat an encyclopedia, you have got to have images and not just images but the good ones. One attractive featured photo is probably the best. When you share your links on facebook, the photos are what people usually see and get attracted to. It’s what brings in the new potential readers and followers and when they get to your blog, the content will take care of the rest. I can’t say I’m a professional photographer but recently I’ve been taking great photos (I think) and deciding which are going up on the post and which are not. You don’t have to upload each and every photo, which you’ve taken that you think are good. If you’ve taken one view, one or two angles should be enough. Ten different angles will only look the same to your readers. What I usually do is take several photos of one thing and then deciding on only one photo, like I’m deciding which picture to place on just one billboard. Editing photos are also a big help in setting the right message. You just need to know how you want your photo to turn out.


Not So Engaging Content

I’ve got to admit that when I stopped the spamming, which is just recently, my comment section got a little lonely. Not that I like getting spams in return but I wouldn’t mind getting a legit comment down there. Maybe one or two will do. And I’m still trying my darndest to publish engaging contents. As bloggers we all probably know this, and it should be on the top of our list to publish engaging posts if we want an engaging audience. Sometimes we publish with content but it’s not so engaging with our current audience. Always keep in mind the goal of your blog and what your readers are coming to you for.

To be honest I’m still struggling on a lot of fields in my blogging but I continue to grow. So join me and grow with me. Those of you who are bloggers just like me, still little tiny stars in a big wide sky trying to reach the world with our shining light. Ha!

Thanks for reading and I hope you find it helpful or, at the least, interesting.

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