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7 Step Guide On How To Get Your Own Domain (Infographic)

7 Step Guide On How To Get Your Own Domain (Infographic) 1 || KOL Blogging

A lot of bloggers have free blogs on Blogger. Though Blogger isn’t exactly a blog hosting platform, and there are limitations to it, there are also benefits in opening up a blog on Blogger. I’d say it would depend on what you really want to do with your blog. The decision of hosting your own blog or getting it hosted for free still depends on your goals. But when you decide to open up your account on Blogger, your initial domain will have an extension of, which is not really what you want. It’s not going to look professional. What you want of course is your own domain, like

Getting your official domain is easy and affordable, and with this infographic I’ll show you how to do just that in this step by step guide. Note that these procedures only apply when you’re using Blogger and when you buy your domain name from

So the very first step of course is to buy your domain name. So head on over to Godaddy and buy whichever domain name you like. Here’s a tip, when you buy you official .com URL, make sure that it is what you really want. The name you want to use should be consistent with your blog name and content for better SEO, or if you are trying to build your name, you can use that too just like what I did here on Kintsugi of Life.

When you’ve finally bought your domain name, it’ll come with a free account on Godaddy. And here are the steps so you can use it on Blogger. Click the Infographic for a larger view.



PS. If you’re a blogger without a niche yet, you are going to want to check this out. You’ll learn what I had to go through to find my own niche and you will learn how to find your own, too.




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