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Start With A Peso: Rebranding


It’s actually my first time to do a full branding on a blog or website. I have been branding and rebranding KOL Blogging over and over again to get the color palettes, fonts, images, and logo to be perfect or at least work together in a harmonized way. But that was a long process as I did it bit by bit. For Start With A Peso, however, it’s the first that I actually took the time and sat down on one whole weekend and I did a full-on rebranding before I relaunched the site on WordPress.


If you don’t already know, Start With A Peso is my blog about Personal Finance and Money Management, specifically for Filipinos. Just KOL Blogging, it used to be in Blogger but I decided to migrate it to WordPress again. I think I’m getting the hang of transitioning blogs from Blogger to WordPress. When I migrated KOL Blogging, I think it took me two weeks before I got the site back up and running. That’s probably because I wasn’t so familiar with WordPress and was still trying to figure out how things work on it. But with Start With A Peso, I did the transition and the rebranding in just one week. That’s half the time.


So now that it’s launched I’d like to introduce to you the new Start With A Peso blog.


Color Palettes

I used to have a different blog on personal finance, which I called Everything Out Of The Green and the shades that I’ve used for that blog is all green because it’s the color of money. Well, we think it’s the color of money because it’s dictated by the US dollar, which has a huge impact worldwide, but the color of money in the Philippines is not of the shades of green. It’s actually blue and orange (except maybe for the 200 peso bill, which is actually green) and that’s perfect for my brand.


Start With A Peso Color Palettes


So Start With A Peso color palettes is the shades of blue and orange to represent the Filipino money. The victorian maroon is for a feminine vibe and gray is the binding color.



I’ve been frustrated about the logo of Start With A Peso ever since I launched this blog last year. I’ve been thinking and rethinking about what the logo should look like. Should I use the Philippine flag with the three stars and the sun? Should I use arrows like all the other symbols for finance and growth? Should I just use the word itself, and not have a symbol at all? Really it was frustrating because I couldn’t decide and I couldn’t find the right logo for it. Then I played around with some shapes and finally decided on a combination of symbols, which includes the symbol for the peso, a bag of loot, and a little girl holding a balloon.


Start With A Peso Logo 2


I may be very obvious that the symbol for peso is the fact that this blog is based in the Philippines and the bag of loot shows that this blog is about money or finance. While the little girl may be odd, I find that it’s the perfect way to represent youth as part of this blog’s mission to encourage the young millennials of this generation to start thinking about their finances, and start saving and investing. It also represents me as the little Filipina behind the blog for the Filipinos.



Color combination is definitely one of my biggest weakness. I’ve known this since I was younger. Back in college, there was one time I wore a green and yellow glittered mini skirt with electric pink leg warmers. When I think about that outfit today, I can say that it’s ‘so me’ because until now I have a knack for combining the most contrasting colors together. It’s just too much, and it is something to laugh at when I realize that it’s just wrong.


Helvetica Start With A Peso


Other than color combination, there’s something else I’m not so great at when it comes to branding. It is only a few months ago that I realized typography wasn’t my best forte. Just like how I am with colors, I tend to put fonts together that are wild, playful, and just all over the place. When I look at KOL Blogging before the tedious rebranding process, the fonts are just too much. So for Start With A Peso, I’m very careful to choose which fonts I’ve used, and to that, I’ve only used one font, which is Helvetica from the Sans Serif family. I know it’s so simple, but it’s just perfect for me because I also place fonts on my featured images. Who knows, maybe that’s where I’ll be plugging in all the font wildness that I have in me.



The new brand of Start With A Peso may be of the shades of blue and orange from the color of the Filipino peso bill, but the binding color, which is gray has a whole different inspiration. Because this is a personal finance blog, I wanted the brand to look professional and the way I can do that is to opt for a minimalist look. My inspiration for that is a stock photo I got for free from Kelly Brito’s branding blog. This photo of three simple white flowers in glass bottles is just perfect. It’s the same image I’ve used for the promotional blocks on the main page of my blog and it’s also the image I’ve used for all the cover or header of my static pages.


Start With A Peso Inspiration



The new branding of Start With A Peso comes with a total makeover, which includes a clarity of its demographic. Because I’m writing most of my blog posts based on experience, they are mostly applicable for those who are like me. The 20 something millennial who’s just starting out in life. This doesn’t mean that those in their 30s, 40s, or even 70s are no longer allowed in this blog. Most definitely they are, and they are encouraged to take whichever financial information they think is applicable to their life situation. But it’s most likely that my blog posts will be curated for the younger generation.


Blog Mission

With a much clearer demographic, the blog’s mission is also more defined. It’s very simple. It’s being a source of information or content that every Filipino can access to gain financial wisdom. Start With A Peso mission is to help one Filipino family at a time to reach financial freedom through financial literacy.


Be sure to check out my freshly branded and migrated blog, Start With A Peso.


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  • Your blog is SO nice! I’m so happy to see you’re using the photos I took. I’ll definitely be keeping up with your blog. And great job with the branding -your really thought it through (so cool!). 🙂

    • Thanks so much for the inspiration, Kelly! I really love your work!