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How To Plan Blog Content + Your Free Downloadable Editorial Calendar

How To Plan Blog Content + Your Free Editorial Calendar || KOL Blogging

Blogging is all about content creation. You don’t have a blog if you don’t have content to share, and you’re not a blogger if you don’t know how to create content. Blogging is mostly about content, which makes it simple to understand but not quite easy to do. Your creative blogging brain isn’t always inspired to spit out a topic that you can write about for each day, week, or whenever you need to update your blog. Sometimes you got totally nothing. And sometimes, there will be days when you’re just so full of ideas but your fingers are too slow on the keyboard to keep up. At the end of the day, you can only create one or two content then forget about the rest. But there’s a way to not just forget about those awesome content ideas and that’s included in the planning process of your editorial content.


I found that the best way to get things done in a more organized manner is by planning. It helps me to get things done faster and just actually get things done without having to deal with the complications of not knowing what to do first. Believe me when I say that I’m the bag packer type of person and I don’t like planning my itineraries. I like to go with the flow. But there’s something about planning my blogging business content that makes me feel confident about the growth of my blogging business. Oh yes, planning content isn’t just about growing your blog, it’s also about growing your online business. And the best way to layout your editorial plan is to work with an editorial calendar.


An editorial calendar is a calendar where you can write down all that you need to do for each day, focusing on your editorial content. This will allow you to keep track of the things that needs to be done for the growth of your business.


Brainstorm Topics In Your Notebook

Here’s the fun part where you can brainstorm by yourself or with your co-bloggers on the topics that you should be writing and publishing. Just take a notebook or a piece of paper and write down as many topics you can think of. Don’t think about the quantity for now or the work that needs to be done for the quality of the content to be great. Just keep writing down whatever that pops out of your head.


Another thing you can do to compile a huge amount of blog topics is by taking your notebook with you wherever you go. You know how, as a creative person, your mind just suddenly thinks of great ideas anywhere and anytime. And most of the time, it’s when you’re not in front of your laptop, ready to write it down to turn it into an awesome blog content. So it’s really helpful if you have something to write on like a notebook at all times.


A good thing to note when you’re doing this is that your topics should be all the hype for the month or for the year. You should definitely be writing evergreen content that’s going to be searchable for more years to come, but there will be evergreen topics that are going to be more searchable right now compared to others.




Curate Your Content

When you finally have a good amount topics written down you can sit down again and curate your topics. Here’s a little warning; not all the topic you’ve written down are going to be included as your content because sometimes you may come up with a topics that are less likely to be in your niche. Though you want to write about them, you may try tuning it to be within your niche, most of the time, it doesn’t work. You don’t have to be sad about the topics that you won’t be writing about because they are no good to you either. You’re blog won’t be productive because of the content that’s likely not relatable to your niche, it will be more productive with the topics that are within your niche.


So take a seat and start picking the best topics from your list that would fit your blog niche perfectly. In doing this, you’re also boosting your SEO. It shows that you’re an expert of the blog content that you write about because you can concentrate and only revolve around your niche.


Start Scheduling On Your Editorial Calendar

Now it’s time to start scheduling using your editorial calendar. When doing this, it might be best to write down your topics with at least one day apart. Well, if you’re like me who also has a full time job, you might want you’re scheduled blog content to be a week apart because you need the time to write them. A good thing to note when scheduling as well, is that you’re going to need a break from all the writing to do other productive things such as marketing your content on social media, answering emails from your fans, or from other bloggers, collaborating with other bloggers, and more. Remember that writing the content is just one part of blogging, and getting the content out for the world to see is another thing that you need to work on and concentrate on to make progress with your blogging business.


You don’t really have to write down your content for a whole year. It’s better if you only curate your topic for just one month, and then review. Then you can do the same for the next month. It’s sort of similar when you’re publishing a magazine. Your curated content runs around a big mass of single content that allows them to be intertwined with each other. Or in other words, your topic for a whole month should be related to each other. It’s easy to do that when you’re concentrated on your niche and that is even more defined if you can go in depth with all your blog posts.


After that, it looks like you’re all set to start researching and writing your blog posts. Here’s a note, sometimes you don’t want to just write whatever topic you have scheduled because you have something else better in mind. That’s actually great, stick with what you’re inspired with because a lot of times, the content comes out better in quality when you’re motivated with writing about the topic. You don’t really have to strictly stick to what you have scheduled. You can bypass that anytime if you think you have something better.


You might also want to check out this post, How To Create Valuable Posts To Optimize Content Marketing when you finally start writing. This will definitely help you with how you’re supposed to write your content to get better results with content marketing.


And as a bonus. I’ve created a free downloadable Editorial Calendar just for you. I’m creating a library of freebies that you can use and this is included in that. So download the library through your email now by signing up below.


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