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Ninja Outreach Review And Video Tutorial


Ninja Outreach is an online tool that can help you with your networking or online outreach programs, such as guest posting, giveaways, product reviews, interviews, sponsored posts and more. This post is a Ninja Outreach review plus a video tutorial on how to use the software.


As a blogger, I find it necessary to create networks online to grow my blog. Currently, I’m actually on a guest posting campaign and one of the hardest things I find doing is researching who to contact. It takes a lot of time with little result. Ninja Outreach came to me right on time and it’s been helping me save a lot of time for my campaign. In this article, I’ll show you the basic details of the software, what I like and don’t like about it, and how to actually use the tool. I also have a video for this Ninja Outreach review and tutorial, so you can check that out as well.


Ninja Outreach Review and Video Tutorial




One of the things I look for on a website or an online tool is a good and clean dashboard because it’s mostly where I’ll be working on. So in the photo below, you can see the dashboard or the content prospecting page of Ninja Outreach. It’s very simple and clean because nothing much goes on in there. The only things you’ll see are the important ones that you’re going to need like the Navigation, Notification, and Search Bar, which is the tool’s main feature. We’ll also be looking into that in a bit.
Ninja Outreach Review Dashboard




The other thing that makes a website great to use is easy navigation, and Ninja Outreach also has that. If you look at the top Navbar, there are icons that shows you the rest of the pages on the software. When you hover on the icons, labels for each icon to show what page they are will show up. That’s a great feature because you won’t need to be guessing what the icon is and where it’s going to take you.


Ninja Outreach REview Navigation



This Ninja Outreach review is not just a website review, so I may not be able to review other features of what makes a great website, such as speed load time and other. It’s a review of the whole software or tool and how it works.



Upon signing in and getting redirected to your dashboard, on of the very first things that you’re going to see are your notifications, alerts, and reminders for things that you need to do. That’s on the left sidebar. And once you’ve done checking out your notifications, you don’t really want to be looking at that sidebar the whole time that you’re working on Ninja Outreach for your campaign, so you can actually get rid of that and it shrinks to a smaller version and goes to the top navbar. That’s also a really neat feature.


Search Bar

The main feature and I believe is also the best feature of Ninja Outreach is the search bar. So Ninja Outreach isn’t just a simple tool. It’s actually a search engine. It’s not as powerful as Google search engine but since it has a different application, it is pretty powerful for what it’s meant for. Ninja Outreach has a sort of database of influencers, bloggers, marketers, or companies that has huge followings or large number of visits per month. So the great thing about having a Ninja Outreach account is you actually get access to thousands of influencers online. No more manual researching on who is influential or not. You get it all right on the dashboard for your search results.


The great thing about having a Ninja Outreach account is you actually get access to thousands of influencers online.


Search Results

For the search results, it’s not just simple results like a list of names, you get more detail than you can ever have figured out in a day for just one prospect. You get data and stats like the number of followers per day for a specific influencers. You get page rankings. And you also get their profiles and contact details, like their email address.


Ninja Outreach Review Search Result



The filter for search results is also great if you’re looking something particular. You initially have your basic filters if you want to look for a blogger, influencer, company, or maybe just an article. Then once you have search results, you can still filter those out in terms of which results have emails, contact URL, and has a name. Or filter them by their ranking, by their rankings, by the number of followers they have, and so much more. You can also filter by domain level, and country. And I think the best part of the filter is you get to filter them by the campaign that you’re currently looking for. You can find out which of them is open to guest posting, interviews, product reviews and more. And you get all those results as clickable links, which means you can go directly to your prospect’s page where he or she is stating that they are accepting guest posts, interviews or others.


Ninja Outreach Review And Video Tutorial 2


Managing Lists And Prospects

Another great thing about Ninja Outreach is the fact that you can create contact lists and manage them within the tool itself. So you don’t need to create a separate excel file for your contact from the search results. You can create a list and even categorize your prospects depending on how you want to manage them. Minor drawback for the list management is that you still get your list the same way you’ve gotten them as your search results, which is ok. But if it were up to me, I’d prefer to see my relationship status, which you can add by the way, with the influencers right on the list where I can easily see by scrolling through the list. It would be easier to look for that prospect who still needs more relationship building and who’s already ready to accept a proposal. But that information is also available for each prospect. This Ninja Outreach review is only based on my own preference, so it may be different for you guys.


Ninja Outreach Review List


Outreach Mode

Last but not the least, of the basic must know about Ninja Outreach is the Outreach Mode. In this page you’ll also be able to do the actual outreach by being able to compose an actual email and send it through Ninja Outreach. You’re still going to be using your own email account and when the influencers you’ve outreached to responds, you’ll get the reply on your inbox for the email address that you’ve used. I’m not sure if you can sync your email and directly receive on Ninja Outreach. That would be a cool feature if it’s not already in there.


Ninja Outreach REview Outreach Mode



Ninja Outreach Review Relationship Status



Last but not the least, we need to look at the pricing. I think I’ve made it clear all throughout the review that this is an awesome tool for outreach campaigns, but such awesomeness comes with a price. So since this is a sponsored review, I’m using a free account for the Blogger plan if you can see below. Ninja Outreach doesn’t offer free accounts but they do have a 14 day free trial, which is good enough. The pricing for the Blogger plan, which is their cheapest is $29 per month, which is not cheap but is actually worth it considering that you get access to a database filled with influencer details. Their other plans also include for Small Agency, Large Agency, and Enterprise, which are priced at much higher rates. The difference for the higher plans is that you can have more than one account, you can save more than 1,500 contacts for your prospects, you get automated email broadcasting, and automated follow ups.


Ninja Outreach REview Pricing


The Verdict

I guess I’ve already made it clear in this Ninja Outreach review that the tool is great and really powerful if you learn how to use it. As I’ve mentioned, when growing a blog, it’s necessary to also grow your network, and doing this really takes a lot of time. But Ninja Outreach is an easy to use tool that can cut the time you spend researching for influencers to outreach to, and helps you manage the prospects on your list. At the same time it’s a platform you can use to send out emails. That’s pretty cool and it’s totally worth it.



I hope that you find this Ninja Outreach review to be helpful. Have you tried the tool? I’d love to know what you think. Leave me a comment below.


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  • Thanks Heide for publishing this. I hope your readers like it.

    • Hi, Dave. Thanks so much for the great opportunity. 🙂

  • Sam

    I had never heard of this tool before! Thanks for sharing it, I will definitely look into it!!

    • That’s awesome, Sam. If you’re building your network on the internet, it’s totally going to help you. You can even sign up for their free trial so you can check out how it works. It’s a really great tool.