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What To Include In Your Blogging Business Plan To Do List

Have you ever tried creating a business plan? Most bloggers and entrepreneurs probably have created at least once. A business plan is a roadmap towards your business’ success. But most business plans fail because the roadmap contains only the goals or the milestones. A lot usually forget the things that need to be done to actually get there.


So I’ve listed down three things that you need to include in your to do list when you’re planning your blogging business.


Your Main Content: The Posts

First up, of course there is your main content, which is your published posts. This will attract your general audience and readers, build your traffic, and your blog credit. If you can write down on your editorial calendar one topic to write and publish for each day, then that is totally cool, but the chances are, you may be a little too busy with other things and can’t create great content everyday. At least that’s a fact for me. Since I have a full time day job, I lack the time to write a post everyday, so I only publish a post once a week. These posts only take under two hours to write up so I have more time for other things that can be beneficial for my blogging business. In fact, writing up your posts should only take about 50% of your blogging time because your published content on your blog isn’t the money maker. It will drive your traffic that you need to gain potential clients or customers but you need to have a converter.


When scheduling your post topics, there are two main things you need to consider to make sure that your efforts aren’t wasted, and these published contents will help you grow your business.


        One: It Should Be Within Your Niche

Creating and publishing content is one thing but making sure that it’s beneficial for the growth of your business is another. One of the best ways to make sure your write up will help your business is by making sure the topic is within your niche. Your content isn’t just so you can show that you have something up and new on your blog; your content is your means to show what your business is all about. It is your means to show your readers that you are credible for the services or products that you offer by being knowledgeable about them through published posts. It is your means to make your audience trust you and your business.


        Two: Should Be Great, Informative Or Helpful Content

Bloggers are content marketers, I like to say. We are the new breed of marketers and we do our marketing through our blog posts. Making sure that your published content is great, informative, or helpful to your readers is definitely going to help on the side of marketing your blog. And again it aligns to getting your audience believe in you and your business.


To curate your editorial content, you’re going to need an editorial calendar. Check out this free editorial calendar that you can download right through your inbox.




Your Email List Builder: The Freebies

Writing up and publishing posts should only take 50% of your blogging time. So what happened to the other 50%? Here’s what happened. You will notice that there are a lot of bloggers out there who only rely on publishing posts everyday and growing their traffic, but they don’t know what to do with that traffic. They don’t know how to utilize it to grow their online business. Don’t be like them.


Have you ever heard about email lists? Well, technically an email list is a list of emails (duh!) that narrows down your potential clients or customers from audience and readers. Let’s face it, not everyone who drops by your blog will want to buy anything from you. But there’s a way to tell which ones might be interested to and you’ll be able to find out by asking for their emails. But just asking for their emails will not be enough. Think about it, the blogosphere is getting saturated and there are dozens of other blogs just like yours. What makes you think your readers will give you their emails just because you have great content that they can maybe find somewhere else. So there should be a bargain and that is what we usually call freebies.


There are creative ways in how you can giveaway freebies, and I’d like to share with you three.


        Blog Giveaway

I’ve thrown one of these blog giveaways once, back when I was still blogging about anything that pops in my head. It actually got me a couple of subscribers, might be the wrong subscribers for what my blog currently is now but it did work. I threw a bag giveaway and it was really fun. This type of strategy is very popular among fashion bloggers. It will get you subscribers that are taking the chance to get on your list even without the assurance that they are going to win the giveaway.


        Regular Freebies

Regular freebies or just freebies are the products that you can give your readers in mass production. That means, you can give it away to each and every one that subscribes to your email list. The most popular types of freebies are digital products.


        Blog Contest

A blog contest is something similar to a giveaway, there’s one winner, but instead of drawing the winner from a hat, your subscribers can get to fight for what they want. You can include in the mechanics that they have to sign up for your list to validate the contest entry. You can also use this strategy for additional marketing by including in your contest mechanics that your content should be shared on social media, or contestants should also follow your social media accounts. This way, you get to build your email list, at the same time you can reach more audience.


Your Profit Maker: The Product

A business is a business and it will never be a business if it’s not making any profit. This is probably one of the biggest mistakes that a lot of bloggers who want to make money from their blogs commit. They forget to think about where the profit is going to come from. I’ve been hearing a lot of people say that they’ve started a blog because they heard that they can make money from it. Yes, but how. When they finally set up a blog, publish a post or two, they go through their dashboard asking, “Am I making money yet?” There are also a lot of bloggers who rely on their ads to make money. Typically, if you are getting that much traffic, you may be making some money you can cash out every now and then, but that’s not going to make you a living.


You can put in your blogging business plan that you have to publish this a post today, or write down that you have to announce a giveaway tomorrow. But those blog contents are not going to make you money. The third content of your blog is. That’s why you have to make room in your plan for creating it.


So what’s the profit maker of a business? It’s either of these two things.



If your business provides services, then you’re probably all set to go with the money making area. But you can make room for improvements on your services and you can add that to your blogging business plan.



If your business provides products that you need to sell, then you’ll probably need more blogging time on this. And you should definitely include it in your plan.

Let me know what you think of this post by leaving a comment below and I’d totally love it if you can share this on your social media.


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