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How to Create Valuable Posts to Optimize Content Marketing


Content is king. I’ve always agreed to this statement and ever since I realized that it’s an effective way of marketing, all I’ve been publishing on KOL are long, informative, and valuable content that will help my readers with their blog and business marketing strategies. That’s the same with my latest released blog, Start With a Peso. All I’ve been sharing with my readers are content that will be beneficial for them in terms of business and finance. I used to blog about anything and I even published posts that are only 300 words long or even less. I used to publish posts about my normal everyday routine or things that I found interesting and I didn’t even try to ask if my readers would actually care about those stuff. They probably would if I was Angelina Jolie but unfortunately for them, I wasn’t.


Here’s a hurtful truth that even you can’t deny. No one will really care about your content if they will get nothing from it. They will think your blog is just crap and move on to the next blog. If you were them, you’d probably do the same thing. And chances are you’ve already done it. You may have come across a blog about not so interesting things to you and said, “Uhg! What the eff is this stuff?” then clicked the X button  on the upper right side of your screen. It may already have happened to you and your blog, too.


Here’s another hurtful truth. Even if you are already giving valuable content, you will still get people who wouldn’t care about your blog posts. They will still leave and never come back. Now you’re probably wondering what then is the use of creating valuable content if people will leave anyway?


Here’s something I want to share with you. Yesterday, I sent out an email outreach to KOL email subscribers. I am currently writing up an ebook project that will contain answers to a lot of blogging, business, and marketing questions. And I will be publishing this for free to KOL email subscribers. If you want to be on the list to receive this once it comes out, make sure to subscribe to KOL right here. If you’re already subscribed then there’s no need to do it again. Anyway, once I’ve sent that email outreach out, I got really valuable responses, which is really nice. But the one thing that caught my attention is that one of my subscribers unsubscribed to the list. It got me thinking why. My email wasn’t anything like a sales pitch. It was a thank you for those who have already responded and an opportunity for those who haven’t yet asked their question.


Since the eBook is going to be free, and it will answer their questions about blogging, business, and marketing, the whole thing is nothing for my benefit but for KOL subscribers benefit. And there’s even a link to my latest post at the end of the email, which is all about Creating a Business Plan that will Skyrocket Your Business. So what went wrong?


When I looked at the details of the subscriber. It turns out this person subscribed to Kintsugi of Life when I had a bag giveaway contest. And that makes so much sense because this person was not after information from me about blogging, business or marketing. This person wants something different that I can’t provide. At least not anymore.


Stick To The Right Niche

One of the first things to figure out before writing up a content is to know what your niche is. Otherwise, you might experience the same thing I did. It was the wrong marketing strategy for my blog right now. If I turned my blog into a fashion blog, it may have been the best marketing strategy, but unfortunately it’s not. Like I said, I used to blog about anything, and it was only recently that I figured out what my niche is. It probably took me a year to figure that out and trust me, you do not want to go through the same.


So right now, if you’re really serious about creating valuable content for your audience and growing your blog the right way, I want you to go over your blog, after reading this whole article of course because this is just the tip of the iceberg, and figure out what your niche is. In figuring out what your niche is, you can check out how I did it and follow the steps I took to do it.


How I Found My Niche And How You Can Find Yours Too

If you already know what your niche is then that’s great. Just stick to and continue to write about what you want to share with your audience. And of course, make sure that it will be beneficial for them. You don’t need to think about anything else, like how you’re going to benefit from it, that will all follow soon when you’ve built up your audience.




Evergreen Content

The next thing you want to know when creating valuable content for your readers is that it should be evergreen. I live in the Philippines and we don’t get to see snow. So the word evergreen isn’t really used that much. But I did grow up in a high altitude place, about 5,000 feet above sea level, called Baguio City, and we have lot of pine trees. So the word evergreen makes a lot of sense to me.


Just because we don’t have winter, doesn’t mean that our seasons don’t change. There are also leaves that turn yellow and fall. Most plants will only bear fruits and flowers during the months of February through April. But there’s one special thing about pine trees. Whatever the season is, it’s still greener than ever. That’s why the term evergreen was coined. That means that all year round and for more years to come, it remains the same.


So how does this thing about pine trees connect to content? An example of a content that’s not ever green is daily news. You might already know why. The news you hear today will no longer be the news tomorrow or next week, and in a month or two, everyone may already have forgotten about it. Evergreen content is so much more valuable that people will want to hear about it not just all year round but for more years to come. A good example of that is a recipe for the Filipino adobo. That never gets old. The next generations will always be looking for something like this and will come across something that may be published 10 years ago. The thing about publishing evergreen content is that it makes your blog more sustainable in the long run and your readers will continue to browse your older published posts even until now because it will still benefit them.


You Need To Be Knowledgeable About What You Write

Here’s a funny story about me. I wanted to submit a guest contribution to a blog that I’ve been following for over a year now. Because I want to impress the blogger, I told her that I would write about something epic. I gave her the title of the post, and some details containing so much epicness, and she was interested to read it. I’ve already drafted the key things in the post, but the problem is that I lacked the experience on it and I lacked research material. It took me a whole afternoon to write only 1,200 words. It usually takes me an hour or two to write a 1,000 to 2,000 word article, but this one took me longer because I lacked the knowledge for it. Am I interested in the topic I wrote about? Of course I am. Am I passionate about it? Most definitely! But sometimes, passion and interest isn’t always enough. That’s why when creating valuable content, a lot of great writers take so much effort in researching and preparing their materials to create just a single article.


When I asked my proofreader to give it a run through, he scrunched his nose and gave me a lot of critic. At first I was still trying to defend myself and the article, but when he finally asked what my point was and what I was trying to get at, it turns out that I have no idea at all of what I wanted to point out in the article. The epicness turned into crap. So I decided to create a whole new article with a different topic.


So remember, before you waste time on an article that will not make sense in the end, make sure that you really know what you’re about to tackle.


Long Posts Are Better

I’m pretty sure you already know that Google SEO is created to filter the best contents online. And google ranks your blog by that. As per Neil Patel’s post on his blog, one of the requirements to make it into Google’s top ten is to have posts that are over 1,000 words long. That’s only one way for Google to know that you’re not just publishing BS material on your blog.


Why should you care about Google SEO? Well, I have shared with you guys that I took about three months off from blogging and I only got back to it this January. When I was away from my blog, I thought and expected that my traffic would have already dropped down to totally zero. But when I looked at my traffic for the first time in more than three months, it only dropped to half. It’s so funny because I was expecting the worst, it didn’t really made me sad that my traffic was cut to half, but I was even happy about it. And I’m looking at it through Google Analytics to make sure I’m not counting bots. I want to count real people who visits my blog. About 80% of that half traffic was coming from Google Search Engine. And those are directed to posts that are long and informative. So I realized that a lot of the work I’ve done on the blog before I took a vacation paid off after all. So aside from evergreen content, it also helps if you write longer articles.


But here’s one thing to note before creating the longest posts to publish. BuzzSumo made a statistical study on Facebook marketing and was kind enough to share the results with Neil Patel who shared it on his blog Quicksprout. One of the new things I learned from that article about content marketing is that Facebook users engage more in content that’s about 1,000 to 3,000 words long. Any longer than that and they will just bail and leave your blog. That data is taken from 1 billion posts on Facebook. Hey, the numbers don’t lie. So write longer posts but try to keep that creativity under 3,000 words only.


Benefit the Reader

At the very start of this article I’ve already told you the harsh truths about blogging. People are not going to care about your blog if your content is not going to be beneficial for them. It sounds so mean but it is human nature. Your readers don’t really know you in person, that excludes your mother who keeps liking your facebook shares about your blog. If you look at it through their shoes, you’re also not going to care.


A strategy in getting more traffic to your blog is to actually look at things through the audience eyes. Be the audience and understand what they want. The length of your post will mean nothing if your readers are going to get nothing out of it. So even if you think you’ll be writing about evergreen content that’s over 2,000 words long, the very last thing you should ask yourself before starting to type anything on your keyboard is, “Will it benefit my targeted readers?”


Just to sum it all up. An optimized content that’s shareable and likeable, and the audience can’t get enough of they just have to come back for more are:


Specific to one niche

Evergreen topic

Author or Blogger should be knowledgeable about the content

Long and informative

And should be beneficial to the readers


If you find this post helpful to you as a blogger or content marketer, it would be totally awesome if you could share it with other bloggers that may benefit from it, too. And I would really love to hear your thoughts. Have you ever thought about content marketing for your blog?


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