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How To Come Up With Unique Blog Ideas (Content, Product, Or Campaign)

The blogosphere is supersaturated with bloggers and it’s almost as if nothing is unique anymore. Everyone is doing the same things. A majority of bloggers are writing and selling eBooks. A lot are also developing websites. And many more are creating apps and software. Is there anything else that’s not yet done?


Being a blogger as I’ve always said is all about content creation, but in terms of making money, content is just one thing. Products are usually the best way to go. But if you’re a newbie blogger, what makes you think that you have what it takes to create products that aren’t already created by the successful bloggers who are seniors in the business.


I’ve wondered the same thing when I started blogging almost two years ago and in fact I’m still wondering the same thing until now. A couple of months ago, I joined a twitter chat about the same topic. And many bloggers even with their tenure in the blogging industry, still has the same problem. This issue actually made them doubt themselves even if they know they’ve already been creating awesome content since they’ve started their blogs. It has even causes the delays of the launch of their first products.


It’s true that sometimes we would feel like we have no unique ideas and someone out there may have already published the same content that you are about to. But it doesn’t mean that you are committing plagiarism. Here’s what I learned from that twitter chat. Majority of our ideas will never be unique. It’s true that some other blogger out there maybe thinking the same thing. The only way that it can be unique is the way you can deliver it. The idea may not be unique but the blogger is. We are all different in so many ways and there’s no two of anyone that’s alike in everything, not even twins. So creating unique content or coming is dependent on the blogger. It always has.


In order to do that, I’ve written up this article to help you come up with unique blog ideas, whether it’s for a product, for your content, for your campaigns, or for your content by incorporating who you are as a blogger into that idea.


Experiment Because What You Share Is Your Own Experience

I’ve been running an experiment on Twitter and I know I haven’t shared it with you guys yet, but I’ve learned so much from it. Now if I were to write a blog post about it, I would be writing it in my own experience. A lot of bloggers and marketers have run their experiments on social media networks just like Twitter and they probably have done the same things that I have. The difference is that they would have different experiences from what I have. They would have learned different things compared to what I have.


What makes a data unique is by how you experience it and by how you feel about it. It’s been said that as a blogger, you need to humanize your blog by showing emotions. Because humanizing your blog makes it more relatable. They are not relating just to the blog but they are relating to you. Experiments can give so many learnings, conclusions, and successful outputs. It’s not just going to give you great ideas, it’s going to give you great results.


Observe And Learn From Others

If you can look within your own self and experiences to come up with unique blog ideas, you can definitely look and observe other to learn much more. There’s only so much you can do in one day that you won’t be able to do everything that you need. Limiting yourself to just your own experience will limit your own growth and development as a blogger.


Observing others doesn’t mean that you are cheating and stealing ideas from them. You’re only there to learn what they have learned and try those learning for yourself and implement them on your blog. But in coming up with your own unique blog idea, you can’t just do the copy and paste. There are two questions that you can ask to turn what you’ve learned by observing others into your own.


        What Are Their Mistakes?

Everyone makes mistakes, right? I think I’ve written one or two posts about the mistakes that I’ve committed during my first year of blogging. I shared these because I know that other bloggers will be able to learn from them. They will no longer need to go through all of the hard work just to learn that they are doing it wrong. I find that learning from others’ mistakes is helpful and can definitely save a lot of time.  And to get an idea out of it, when you’re reading an article, try asking what the author did wrong. Then you can provide a solution to this problem and you’ve just created your own unique idea.


        What Can You Do To Improve?

Have you ever heard of the Skyscraper technique? I once wrote an article about how to use the skyscraper technique to grow your business. At the time I didn’t know I was actually using the technique to come up with the blog post idea. All I knew back then is that a lot of popular and successful bloggers are using it to create their unique content.


The idea of the skyscraper technique is that you get an idea from some other bloggers content and then add a level to it. That’s why it’s called a skyscraper. You get the foundation and then build the next floor by adding your own idea about that content. What I did with my article was a similar thing. I took the idea of the strategy and instead of using it on writing blog content, I used it on growing business.


That’s another way you can learn from other bloggers. You take the content and add the next floor to make it better and make it yours. Every blogger will learn the same things eventually, you’re just beating them to the punch.




Just Keep Blogging To Develop Yourself And Become An Expert

Do you ever wonder why it’s hard to start a blog from scratch? In fact it’s hard to start everything from scratch, including businesses. Many successful bloggers are already in their 5th or 10th year of blogging. And they are in their current status not because they are geniuses but because of their experiences. They have learned so much over the years that it seems to newbie bloggers their levels are hard to reach. As we Filipinos say it, ‘Madami kapang kakaining bigas’ that means ‘You’ll need to eat a lot more rice’ in english. Of course, the meaning is metaphorical, which is usually used as a term to say that you need more experience.


You can’t expect that you will become successful all in just one shot. You have to develop yourself to become an expert of what you do, in this case it’s blogging. Being an expert helps you come up with unique blog ideas because you know every corner to turn to. If there is a problem, you can easily come up with great solutions. If you need to come up with a blog post to publish, you can easily write it in under an hour without the need for research because you already know it all. You can come up with epic products from what you have learned over the years of blogging.


Sitting down in front of your laptop wishing that your traffic would just rise up without you doing nothing is not going to get you the experience that you need. Even if you do it for ten years. You have to show some effort for you to develop yourself. Keep writing blog posts, keep creating products, keep experimenting on marketing strategies. Just keep on blogging to turn yourself into an expert.


I hope you learned a thing or two from this post. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below.


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