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How To Find Your Blog Niche

HowI found my niche

When I first started blogging back in 2010, I blogged about anything I liked or anything that I found interesting. That can be fashion, food, self-development, games, and a lot more. When I launched my latest blog, Kintsugi of Life, last year, I still did the same, but I had a blurry goal when I started to blog again. And that slowly became more clear as I went on blogging. Though it hasn’t fully unfolded until now, I have narrowed down my niche from everything out of the blue to just four main categories. So in this article you will also learn how to find your blog niche.


A lot of successful bloggers think that starting a blog with a specific niche is a great thing, and I agree. But there are also a lot of great bloggers out there who doesn’t really know what to blog about. I’m pretty sure you are one of them. Don’t worry. It’s actually a good thing that you don’t know your niche yet. That way you get to enjoy choosing it by blogging about anything.


Blogging is like eating at a buffet. You get to taste everything then choose what you like. – Click to tweet


Why Focusing on a Niche Is Important

A blog without a specific niche can be messy and hard to figure out. Your audience may be attracted to one of your posts but not to all of them. When you are blogging about anything you like, no other person out there is going to like all the same things that you like. If you’ve been in a relationship, you’d know that you and your partner may have a lot in common, but there will still be things you like that your partner won’t like. So unless your audience is romantically in love with you, they won’t accept your blog for who you are.


If you’re blogging about just a specific topic or two, you’ll more likely be attractive to a lot of people out there without getting them confused. You’re not just trying to get them to read one or two of your blog posts, you’re trying to get them to read everything you write and then keep coming back to read more.


Do you have a niche on your blog?


What I Used to Blog About

Narrowing my niche wasn’t a one-step method. I started out really messy like every typical blogger out there who doesn’t seem to know why they’re on the blogosphere. Then I narrowed my niche to ‘Life and Money’, ‘Beauty and Fashion’, ‘Travel and Dine’, and ‘Books and Movies’, oh, and don’t forget ‘Blogging’. But that’s still a lot of topics to cover. If you’ve been visiting my blog for that long, you know what I’m talking about.


I used to do product, book, movie, and food reviews. I blogged about my travels inside and outside the Philippines. I published posts about personal finance, and investments. I talked about personal matters and personal developments. I gave out blogging tips. Need I go on? It was too much. I couldn’t really expect a bookworm to be a foodie, too, right? It was hard to narrow down my niche even tighter because I’ve got friends talking about one topic on my blog and then another talking about a different topic. So I did not know which topics I should keep and which ones I should kick out because my audience might be torn apart.


What are you blogging about right now?

How I Gave Up the Other Topics I Blogged About

The very first topic I gave up was personal matters about my personal life because I realized that the internet was full of creeps. I had a goal for posting such things online. I wanted to help people who are just like me, but perhaps sharing too many details about me is a little too dangerous. But I still share a thing or two about me within posts because I still want to make every blog post personal and make my audience feel like I’m talking directly to them. I don’t want you to be reading an encyclopedia over here.


The next things I gave up were beauty and fashion. Why? Because I’m just not that good at it. I mean, I can make the effort to look good and beautiful or fashionable on occasions but I can’t do it every day. And blogging can’t be on occasions only. A blog needs to be updated regularly with fresh and helpful topics.


How I Found My Niche And How You Can Find Yours


As for the rest of my topics, I didn’t get rid of them quite yet, but I stopped writing reviews. Instead I focused on my blog goal. And for every topic I write about, I make sure they are related to my blog goal whether I’m writing about food or about a movie. It’s that simple.


When you’re only starting your blog and finding your niche, your audience has little say in it. It’s more important for you to figure out what you want before feeding others what they want from you.


I want you to go over your blog after reading this post. Are there topics you write about that needs to be kicked out of your zone?


How I finally chose my blog niche

If you look at it, I don’t have just one niche. I have four—Life, Self-development, Finance, and Blogging. The reason why I chose these niches and am trying hard to make them work together is because of that blurry blog goal I told you about in the beginning of this post. When I started Kintsugi of Life, I was looking for an outlet. I was looking for a way to help myself. And that goal expanded… no, let me rephrase that… My goal exploded into a bigger goal. I don’t want to just help myself but I want to help others who are just like me. To find inspiration, creativity, happiness, and meaning in LIFE. To continue to improve and evolve into someone both beautiful on the outside and on the inside. To pave the path towards financial freedom. And to learn more about blogging and continue to reach out to the world. It may sound all dramatic but I am totally #LovinIt. And with that goal in mind, my blog is continuously growing.


What is your blog goal?


If you’ve noticed, I’ve got these short questions for you inside this post. These questions are all you need to answer to find your blog niche, too. At least they were the only ones I needed to answer for myself. Take them and list down your answers. I’m pretty sure they’ll be helpful in finding your blog niche.


PS. You might want to check out my Blog Clean-Up on Finding My Niche to get a better grasp of what to expect from each of my new blog categories.


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