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How To Gain Your First 1K Followers On Twitter Without Promotions

How To Gain Your First 1K Followers On Twitter Without Promotions



Twitter became very known for its simple platform of microblogging by sharing only a few characters of a member’s status. Since it popularized hashtags, it has become the king of hashtags. It has been developed not only as a platform to share words but also photos and videos. It grew to have over millions of members. These are just the few reasons that I can state out as the potential of this social networking site as a marketing medium. And these are also the reasons why you need to gain your first 1K followers on Twitter.


Twitter is one of the biggest social media networks that can drive traffic to your website. And it’s one of the best traffic sources for my blogs.


When I got back to blogging last January, I added in my blogging plan to grow my Social Media following. That includes getting my first 1K followers on Twitter. And guess what. I’ve finally reached over 1K followers, which is super exciting and one of the milestones for marketing my blog.


I’m very sure you’d like to know how I did it. But before I share that with you, I’d like to cover first why you should choose Twitter as a blog or website traffic source.


Twitter isn’t exactly for every blog owner out there. I had spent months jumping from one social media platform to find out which ones are best for mine and Twitter is one of them. But is it right for you and your blog?


The very main thing you’d need to know is the demographic Twitter caters to. According to Pewinternet, from last year’s statistics, a good 23% of adults who use the internet are on Twitter. Majority of Twitter users are also male, but there is also a good number of females like me on Twitter. Although in this platform, there is a wide variety of topics or industries tweeted, there are still those that are better trending than others. And those industries lean more towards business, marketing, finance, and more likely topics that are attractive to the masculine gender. Although feminine topics are also tweeted such as fashion, makeup, and shopping, it’s less likely to become viral and gather the same amount of traffic compared to masculine subjects.


So if your blog’s niche fall somewhere between marketing, finance, or business, it’s most likely that Twitter is the better platform for you. However, if your blog’s niche leans toward fashion or makeup, Twitter may not be the best one. But don’t give up on it just yet. You can still market your blog in it, but it would be a smarter choice if you don’t take up too much of your time building it as the main social media traffic source for your blog or website.


Now that you know if Twitter is fit for you and your blog, we can now go over the strategies that I implemented to get my first 1K followers on Twitter.


Use Tools

One of the best ways to grow your social media account is by using tools to help you run them. There are two tools that I’ve used on my Twitter that worked effectively in growing my following.



Since Twitter is the king of hashtags, it’s only practical to be using them on your tweets. This will help you promote your blog content to an extended audience who are interested in and searching for that specific topic, and they don’t have to be your followers to be able to view your tweets. Sound easy enough, doesn’t it? Not exactly because with a limited amount of characters for a tweet, just 140 to be exact. And you can’t just overuse tags. According to this guide for social media on Quicksprout by Neil Patel, a tweet with a hashtag gets twice the engagement than that without one, but too many hashtags and people ignores them. This guide says that 1 to 2 tags is optimal. More than that and your engagement drops.


Choosing the best hashtag to optimize your tweets and feed it to the trending tags is much more complicated. You’d need to do your own research to figure out which ones are the most popular and where your tweets will be seen because not all popular tags are the best. Did you know that a tweet usually just lasts for a couple of minutes, and after that, it fades into an abyss of all the other tweets to never be seen again. Because of the population of tweets being sent out daily, your tweets will usually just drown in your follower’s feeds, and it will even get least chances of getting seen if you used a tag that has too many tweets, they all just last less than a few seconds. This is why Ritetag was created.


Ritetag is not a tool that will tell you exactly which hashtags you should be using so that your tweet will go viral, but it will help you determine if the tags you’re using on your tweets is enhanced or optimal to better reach more audience thus more traffic to your blog.


One great thing about Ritetag is that you can create an account using your Twitter and use some of their best features for free.



I may have already endorsed Buffer a couple of times here on KOL Blogging. Believe me, I’m not an affiliate and none of these links are affiliate links. I just find Buffer really useful and it has helped me reached my first 1K followers. I’m very pleased with this tool and it’s also an app so I can just download it on my phone and use it wherever I am.


Buffer is a scheduling tool for social media. It’s not just for Twitter but you can also link other platforms like Facebook, Google Plus, Linkedin, and Pinterest. Although some of these may no longer be free, Twitter is one that you can link on Buffer for no cost at all (note that more than one account linked is not free).


Scheduling tweets is a must since I’m not able to stay online all the time and monitor my social media networks. It also helps lessen the work that needs to be done since it is sending out tweets for me. If there’s a great thing about Ritetag, there’s also one for Buffer… You can also use Ritetag to enhance your scheduled tweets on Buffer. How cool is that?!


How To Gain Your First 1K Followers On Twitter Without Promotions


Do It Old School

If you don’t understand why it’s called social media, then you don’t get it at all. These platforms are a means for members to socialize on the internet. That means you have to engage with other users. There’s nothing like doing it old school. You need to be online on Twitter at least a couple of minutes in a day to be able to grow it because once you leave it unattended, your account also rots. A lot of professional bloggers and marketers hire their own social media managers so they won’t take their time doing it, but they understand how important it is to have their presence online.


Even if you are using Buffer or any other scheduling tool, it’s still so much more effective if you yourself is online and engaged with your followers. I know it’s manual labor, but it’s doing it old school.


Sending out tweets personally has a much better effect than having it automated because if someone responds to this, you can respond right back in real time. Having them scheduled and waiting for a day or even a week before checking notifications to respond to someone lessens the opportunity of them replying again.


Of course, if you are going to be sending out tweets, the quality of is still important even if it is just 140 characters maximum. The links to the contents you share should also be shortened so you’d have more characters left for your hashtags and quick comment for it. The content that you share, most importantly should be beneficial to your followers. Make sure to send out someone else’s work too not just yours, and try not to spam links. If you send out the same links over and over again, your followers will think you are spamming them and this will lead to unhappy unfollowers.


Get Social

Like I said, social media networks are a means to socialize on the internet. You should be taking advantage of this, because Twitter is one of the best mediums that you can expand your network, meet, and get in touch with other bloggers, professionals, and influencers.


Send them a tweet by mentioning them personally or send them a direct message but please don’t send out automated ones. You can retweet others so that they will want to retweet yours too as a thank you. You can like and reply to their tweets to show them that you are interested in what they have to say.


If you are going to follow other members, makes sure to follow people who are interested in what you have to say, like those who are in the same niche or the same industry. You should also follow back with these types of people. It’s a nice gesture to show that you can give back to them.


Answer Back

Don’t be a snob, it’s important that when someone mentions you in a tweet, you should answer back. If you don’t know what to say, you can always give it a like. You should also check your direct messages for potential networking opportunities. You can ignore the ones you think are just spams or generated through copy paste just to get you to click on their link. But respond to those who are being genuine.


Well, I suppose that’s it. Those are the things that I’ve done to gain my first 1K followers on Twitter. Seems easy so and doable. Anyone can gain followers on social media if they work hard and work smart.

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  • A Pretty Fix

    Great post Heide! My takeaway here is not to forget to be social on twitter! It is a social media platform, after all, and sometimes we forget that. Facebook is often easier to be ‘social’ on, but twitter is a great tool for that as well. Thanks!

    • Thanks so much! I enjoy Facebook, too. But currently because of the algorithm changes on reaching audience through fb, it’s not much help for small time bloggers like me, unless I pay Facebook to promote my content. But Facebook is still a powerful platform. It shouldn’t be ignored. 🙂

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