Fotor Tutorial; Simple and Cute Blog Cover Banner

So as promised I will show you a tutorial on how to create a simple and cute blog cover banner using Fotor. If you don’t know what Fotor is, check out my post right here.

First thing’s first is to choose a cover. Fotor may not have a specific cover photo for blogs but I usually choose “Google+” cover as this is the largest of the covers. If it doesn’t fit my blog, I simply re-size the photo with Microsoft Photo Manager.


After choosing the cover, if you want your banner to blend with the background color of your blog, you’ll have to choose “Background” on the left side bar and choose “None” to remove the image of the cover.
Then you’ll want to blend your banner color with the color of your blog. You can choose a specific color still under “Background” or you can also use the “eyedropper tool” to copy a specific color you like. I like to choose the eyedropper to choose white.


After setting up the background of your banner, it’s time to decorate. My preference of decoration are “Stickers”, which you can select at the left side most sidebar of the tool. Choose a sticker that appeals to you or that which compliments your blog.


After choosing the sticker, you can edit it to make it unique. “Resize”, “Transparency”, and “Color”.


When you are satisfied with your sticker, you may then place the title of your blog over the background and the sticker. Simply select “Text” on the left side bar. Choose a text format that you like and select “Add Text”.


You may then write your blog name on the cover banner and still edit it, “resize”, and “color”.
After that, give yourself a pat on the back for an easy made blog cover banner.
Make sure to save the cover as .png, especially for white background so that the color quality will remain the same when you upload it on your blog.



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    I just started using Fotor today and I like it! I'll try out the Facebook banner next time. Thanks for sharing!

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