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Flavorful Travels: New Brand

Flavorful Travels New Brand

As a blogger, I want to write about many things that I’m interested in. That is how I started blogging. I launched Eclectic Block, now KOL Blogging, in 2014. I named it Eclectic Block then because I planned it to be a blog about random things, but over the next two years I slowly grew as a blogger and realized that my blog is not going to be successful if I’m writing about too many different things. I learned that I needed to have a niche to have a focused audience target.


So last year, I decided to narrow down my niche to just Blogging Business, and Content Marketing. That is what KOL Blogging today is. A few of the major topics that I had to let go was about Personal Finance, which I transferred to Start With A Peso. Another topic I let go was Traveling and Food, which I also transferred to my new blog, Flavorful Travels.


Today is the launch of a new brand. It has been two months since I conceived the idea of a Travel and Food blog. It took me a while to finally finish everything, well almost everything.


It’s very much different from KOL Blogging and Start With A Peso because on Flavorful Travels, I publish my own stories and experiences about traveling and eating. I want to concentrate on this type publishing rather than creating posts to answer questions, provide ratings, or all the other typical form of writing that is concentrated on SEO and audience building.


Flavorful Travels is also focused on building an audience but it is more focused on inspiration and sharing.


Color Palettes


Color Palettes - Flavorful Travels


The colors I chose for Flavorful Travels reflects the colors of nature and appetite.


The green may not be the grass green that we see from outdoors but it is still green, and I chose it to be pastel green to reflect a more fun and youthful vibe.


The dark deep red, of course, represents appetite, in fact, psychology states that the color red increases appetite by increasing metabolism. This is the reason why red is very popular in a lot of restaurants.


Orange, on the other hand, is the color of sun and summer. Though summer is not my favorite season, it’s commonly related to vacation, which in turn relates to traveling.


The pastel pink color is a soft feminine color that I think wraps up all the soft and deep colors of orange, green, and red. This makes them a perfect mix for a travel and food blog.


Logo and Motto


Flavorful Travels Brand Logo and Motto


The logo of Flavorful Travels is a simple design I chose from Canva. It’s very obvious that it’s a stamp, first commonly used in letters but now more commonly seen on passports for traveling abroad to different countries. It still conveys the pastel green for fun, and youthful nature, with linings of deep dark red for good eating.


The motto of this new blog is also displayed in the header. “We don’t do reviews. We share experiences.” As I’ve mentioned above, the published articles on Flavorful Travels is very much different from KOL Blogging and Start With A Peso. I share stories and not ratings. I share experiences and describe them to the last detail of what I saw, what I felt, what I heard, and what I tasted during my visits to various places all over the Philippines, Asia, and around the world.




The typography of Flavorful Travels is quirky and fun looking. The title is made from a Canva font called, Amatic Small Caps. It’s really all in capital letters with the distinction of small letters only to be smaller.


Amatic caps - Flavorful Travels


As for the body of the blog, I chose a simpler font, Lora Sans Serif. The body should be more simple to neutralize the craziness of the header and logo. It’s the perfect combo and makes the whole blog look clean.


Lora Sans Serif - Flavorful Travels



There’s no specific photo or image that inspires the brand of Flavorful Travels. What inspires this branding are my experiences and how I feel about them–fun, youthful, happy, satisfied and sometimes a little hot. 🙂 That’s where the colors of the brand came from. It is how I imagined traveling and eating when put into colors, words, and logos.



This new brand is created specifically for the younger generation, or the young millennials just like me. Similar to my other blog, Start With A Peso, since I write based on my experiences, the contents of this blog are going to appeal more to those who are in my same generation. However, this doesn’t mean that what is written here can’t inspire the older generations. Traveling and Eating is for everyone, whether you are in your teens or in your 60s. It doesn’t really matter. We experience the world in so many different ways, and you might just find a post here that you can so much relate to.


Flavorful Travels New Brand 2


Blog Mission

Initially, the main goal or reason why I wanted to launch a new blog is so that I’ll have a new home for my travel and eating stories. I like to write about my own experiences and I needed this. Blogging has always been my outlet. Writing has always been my passion.


But as a blogger, I understand that I am not only writing for myself. I’m writing for my audience and my readers.


Because the blog posts here are mostly stories, they aim to inspire, which is why you’ll likely see stories that are great and amazing, none of that, “I hate the food, I hate the experience,” kind of comments about my travels and food trips. I guess I can say that anything published here will be mostly worth the experience. I’m sharing them so you’ll want to check out the place too.


I might not share experiences that are not worthwhile.


I inspire everyone to find their own adventures in life.


So when you visit Flavorful Travels, expect to be inspired to travel the world and eat various cultural delicacies.


The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page. – Saint Augustine (Click To Tweet)


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