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How to Remove an Element from a Static Page On Your Blogger

Here’s a neat trick I want to share with my fellow bloggers. Have you ever tried creating a Static Page for your about page or contact info and you wanted a different look or template for that page? Well, you can start by learning the basics, like removing an element from that static page. For example, below is a comparison of the Home (left) page and static page (right). You’ll notice that the sidebar is missing for the static. If you want to try this out, just follow the instructions below. This post will discuss how to remove an element from a static on your blogger.

Here are the very simple steps

Log in to your blogger account and go to your dashboard. Go to Template of the blog that you want to edit.
Choose to Edit HTML.
A box, which contains the HTML and CSS codes of your blog will appear. Within the codes, look for:
< body expr:class='" + data:blog.mobileClass'>
When you’ve located it, right after that line, add the codes below. After you’ve added the codes below, Save template.


< b:if cond='data:blog.pageType =="static_page"'>/style>
Go to Pages and create a New page (Static Page).
Choose to edit you new page in HTML and add the codes below. What’s inside the style tag will be edited for this specific page only. The code { display:none !important;} removes an element from your page. In this example, it removes the post-footer, footer, and the sidebar.
.post-footer, .footer,
.sidebar {display:nonce !important;}
Add your Page title, Publish your Static Page, and you are all set.
I hope you find this post helpful. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below.
Do you have any tricks in blog editing that you would like to share?
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