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Creating A Business Plan That Will Skyrocket Your Online Business

Creating a Business Plan || KOL Blogging

Have you ever heard of a business plan? Do you even know what a plan is? From Google definition a plan is a detailed proposal for doing or achieving something. When I read that definition the word proposal caught me by the neck (in a good way). Like wow! A proposal! When I hear proposal I normally think about a marriage proposal with the man kneeling on one knee and the woman nodding and crying out her ‘yes’ and all that. But proposing is not just all mushy and gushy. Proposing means that you are committing yourself to someone or something. In this case for a business plan, you are proposing to yourself, to your business, and to your future. You are giving a commitment to yourself. And if you are not dedicated enough to do what you propose, just don’t propose at all. Otherwise, you’ll be leaving yourself standing alone on the altar, pretty in white but that’s all there is.


Now many of you may have had a lot of experience creating business plans. In all honesty, I’ve created a couple of my own. Some has failed and some are slowly unfolding but are yet to succeed. It’s not easy sticking to it and committing to it but the pressure isn’t supposed to get us down and quit. It should be taken as a challenge and fuel our competitiveness. Some of you may not yet have tried to create one. Well, it’s definitely the right time to get started on a business plan that will skyrocket your online business.


So are you ready to commit to yourself and your business. Then straighten that tie and let’s get ready for a proposal.


Three points in a business plan

First things first… well, technically, the first thing should be to know what a business plan is. And we’ve already established that. A business plan is a committed detailed proposal for skyrocketing your business. So now we can jump to the second thing. What is the high level information of a business plan. Let’s get general first.


There are three points in a business plan. The starting point, the middle points, and the ending point.


The Starting Point Is Where You Are Right Now

When you create your online business plan or any plan at all, you always start by jotting down your current status or situation. Knowing what you have now is always best. You need to know your capabilities. Can you do the job right? You need to know your financial situation. Can you fund the business capital? You need to know what tools you have and don’t have. Can you do the work even with so little?


The starting point of a business plan isn’t always so pretty. It might even get you down because you’ll see that you have so much less than you thought. And you’d probably start worrying about this and think that you won’t even make it through the first month of your online business. Don’t do this. Don’t think this way because it will only get worse. Knowing your current situation isn’t supposed to get you down. It’s supposed to keep your head in reality because dreaming your business isn’t the same as actually launching it, doing it, or creating it. It’s so much harder and knowing your status now will allow you to make improvements on areas that needs improvements. Do you need to buy these tools? Do you need to increase the fund you need for your startup? Do you need to improve your capabilities in order to support this online business?


All of these are going to help you place your feet on the right track and keep it on the business plan.


The End Point Is The Business Goal

A business will always keep growing. It has to keep growing. Even when you’ve already reached your goal, you’ll have new goals to pursue. So when writing down your business goal, you need to have a timeline of say one year, five years, or maybe even 10 years. If you’re only starting, a one year or three year goal or plan is much more advisable. So lay out a road map. Plot the starting line and write down the finish line.


The business goal should be the ultimate goal. Take some effort is writing down some details. Jot down the value of the business that you want to have, the number of people you want to be working in it or for you, the income per month that it makes you, the location of your new office, and so much more. Be creative and this is where you’re dreaming capabilities should run wild. But not too wild of course or you might end up in wonderland that isn’t too realistic. Keep it real, keep it achievable. Most businesses surpass their goals and in even shorter time. If you and your business makes it, you’d be surprised, and maybe even think that there might be such a thing as wonderland after all.


The Middle Points

Notice that the word points is plural. This is because the middle part of your business plan isn’t just one single point. It’s so many dots and so many milestones. This is the area you need to focus on most. This is the area for the details on how your business is going to skyrocket.


The very first thing to note in the middle points of your plan is what your business is, what is your product, who is your customer, and how are you going to sell. The very first milestone that you are going to reach is making your first sale. In doing that you’re going to need a lot more resources to help you get started on selling and marketing. Below is a list of bloggers that are my favorite resources for marketing a product and marketing a blog or brand. Be sure to check them out.


Femtrepreneur – Check out Mariah Coz on Femtrepreneur because she currently has a free super rad 10-day course on how to build a profitable blog. I’m taking it right now!


The Nectar Collective – Melyssa from The Nectar Collective is just so super duper awesome. I just finished her free 5-day course of The Blog Audience Blueprint and I got so much out of it. I’m starting to implement the tips… yesterday.


By Regina – Regina from By Regina has a free 80 page guide for 75 Ways To Help Your Brand Standout. It’s 80 pages. Trust me it’s going to be worth it.


Maya Elious – Maya has helped me find my niche. I used to blog about so many random things and I didn’t exactly know what I was doing until I got to focusing on just one thing. She is all about branding, and in fact, she’s got a free 5-Day Personal Branding Course on her blog right now.


The Wonder Forest – Dana from The Wonder Forest is just super cool. Her 7-Day Blog Bootcamp has helped me do so much changes in my blog to make it look more professional and ready for business.


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Make sure to check out this awesome ladies and get some tips and tricks on what middle points you need to include in your business plan.


This may all be too much for you right now, especially when you’re trying to write down the middle points of your business plan. It will get overwhelming. But you’re never going to succeed the biggest way if you’re not going to do it the hardest.




The Income and the Mission

The middle points of a business plan will vary from business to business and from strategy to strategy, so I may not tell you what exactly you need to write down. But I can tell you this. A business needs income and it needs a mission. So when you write down the milestones you need to reach in your plan to skyrocketing your business, you need to make sure that whatever strategy you use will create an income from your business and it will follow a mission.


Now the mission isn’t just to reach your goal. A mission is the extrovert quality of your business. It is outgoing and sociable. That means that your mission has to be for your audience, your clients, or your customers. It should be helpful to them. It should be beneficial for them. Get it? So follow that mission and set it as limits on your business plan.


As a person who has so many ideas, this also serves as my limits in my business plan. I know some of you will understand that we all have great ideas and we want to implement everything but the problem is it might be a wonderful idea but it’s not exactly the best idea for the business. It might not make any income or it might not even help in reaching the business goal. So the mission will help you filter out those ideas, strategies, and techniques that will skyrocket your business. It will keep you from wasting time on some other things that won’t be beneficial.


So when you write down your plan or strategies, be sure to ask two things:


Is it going to make income from my business?


Is it aligned to the mission?


These will surely keep you on track.


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How to actually make the plan work to skyrocket your business

Here are two realities about business plans I want to share with you. Plans don’t usually work and they are just a waste of time. What?! After over a thousand words on this post, why am I telling you this now? Because it’s the truth and a business will only grow if it works in honesty.


I’m not telling you now to not create a business plan. That would mean this post is just a waste of time. I’m only telling you these two facts as a warning. Because if you don’t know these then your business plan won’t work at all.


So let’s discuss these two things in more detail.


Plans Don’t Usually Work

So why create a plan in the first place? Here’s something personal. I’m the type of person who hates rules and I will just do whatever I want when I get the chance. I hate plans especially when I travel. I actually want to try backpacking without a plan sometime, that is if the boyfriend is game for it (he’s usually the planner). So why plan now? Why start creating a business plan now when I hate planning? For a person such as myself who has been doing all sorts of stuff even starting from blogging about everything, a plan is quite helpful to keep you from segwaying into doing things that are not right for the business. A plan will keep you on track. A plan will let you know what you need to do next. Sometimes, when I don’t have a plan I just do the first thing that pops in my head, which is most of the time just a waste of time and effort. And I end up saying that I should have thought about it first… like oh say in a business plan.


Why do business plans don’t work in the first place? That’s because things are always changing. What you set out to do isn’t always what you are going to need to do. A month in your business plan and you’re already doing something else, having different goals, creating different products, and so much more changes. Then you’ll end up saying, “Just scratch the business plan.”


How do you avoid this? Don’t treat your business plan as something ultimate. Treat it as a guide and never as a rule. Treat it as something flexible and can always be changes.


So here’s what you do when you finally write down your business plan. When you’re writing on paper, write with pencil so you can go back and erase things and change things whenever you need to. Or better yet, get yourself a whiteboard so you can place that huge plan somewhere you can see every time you wake up and note to yourself what you need to do for each day to get you and your business to the end goal.


It’s A Waste Of Time

Creating a plan is going to be a waste of time and effort if you don’t use it. This problem is just really easy to solve that I don’t need a thousand words to say this. Here’s a big note for you. Don’t work for the plan, make the plan work for you. Spend less time on it and less effort creating it and just do the job. A single line of goals for the day will set you to start rollin’ and taking that first step to skyrocketing your business.


Creating a business plan can be overwhelming and can be a lot of work. So at the end of this post I just want to remind you most of all, when you create a business plan, don’t stress yourself out. Just enjoy it and let your creativity flow.


I hope that you find this post helpful. If you’ve had experience on creating a business plan before, I’d love to know how you created one and what your troubles were with it.


I sure do hope you can also share this with your friends… maybe on Twitter or Facebook? That would be totally awesome!


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