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Content That Bloggers Should Publish For Faster Growth + Sustainability

Content That Bloggers Should Publish For Faster Blog Growth And Sustainability

Blogging takes a long time before you see any ROR or traffic to spike in your analytics. It can take five years, ten years, or ever more. But sometimes it may also take less, maybe a year or two. There are plenty of factors that may affect the growth of a blog that may cause it to grow slow or fast. The industry that they are in may be one factor. For example, a fashion blog grows faster compared to an agricultural blog because there are more audience online for fashion than for agriculture. But the main factor that affects blogs is content. As I’ve said before and I will say it again on KOL, blogging is all about content, well mostly content. And the growth of a blog is affected mostly by the content published in it.


The content of a blog also determines how sustainable it is going to be in the long run. A blog with low quality content is likely to be harder to sustain compared to a blog with good quality content. Bad content will require a blog to publish more often even after hundreds of blog posts. You don’t want to be doing that. Right now your blog needs you to be active, but as you build it, you need to direct it towards a path that someday it will be a passive income stream and will require less of your time and effort.


In this post I’ll be sharing with you what content you as a blogger should be publishing to make your blog grow faster and have easier sustainability in the long run.


Evergreen Content

Evergreen content is probably the best content. Just like pine trees that are green all year round an evergreen blog post is relevant not just the whole year round but for years to come. This means that the blog post you choose to write and publish on your blog should be significant to your audience at all times. It shouldn’t just be for today or tomorrow or just this month. An example of a none evergreen content is news. News is a topic that easily rots away. The new of today will no longer be the news of tomorrow. If you’re into publishing daily news on your blog like a newspaper, that’s ok. You may have a different goal for your blog. But then this post is not for you.


Blogging takes a long time, so you should be looking ahead not just in months but in years. If you publish a post on your blog today, will it be relevant next year? What about in five years?


The reason why you want evergreen content is because you want old blog posts to still contribute and drive traffic through your blog by being searchable. Your evergreen content will be your organic traffic magnet. This will make your blog more sustainable. Right now, you must be publishing like a wild animal everyday or maybe even twice a day just to get your traffic to spike. Well, in the long run, you won’t need to do that if you have old blogs posts already published that are causing the spike in your traffic analytics. That’s the sustainability goal you’d want to go after.


Here are examples of blog posts that shows how different an evergreen content is from a topic that is easily spoiled.


How To Market Your Blog When You Are Away

How To Market Your Blog On Valentine’s Day


The first blog title is the evergreen post. Compared to the second one which is only relevant only on Valentine’s day. The first one can be searchable all year round. With this, your blog sustainability becomes better and you won’t need to be publishing often just to drive traffic to your blog. Your compilation of evergreen posts will do that for you. Although the second one may also be considered as an evergreen content because Valentine’s day happens every year, but this blog post will only drive your traffic on February, then it will die down to wait for another 365 days.


Here are more examples of blog titles.


The Best Franchise To Get While You’re In Your Twenties

The Best Franchise To Get In The Year 2016


Notice that the second one is relevant all year round, but it’s only relevant in the year 2016. After that year, this post will no longer matter that much. For the next year, people would be interested on the best franchise for 2017. While the first title is relevant all year round as well, it is also relevant for the years to come. Even if the blog author is no longer in her twenties, there will still be audience in their twenties that will be interested in knowing the best franchise to get for their age.


I have to admit that I still publish posts that aren’t evergreen. That’s ok as long as most of what I publish are evergreen. The posts that are not evergreen still serves my blog’s growth well because they contribute as an attraction. They may not be able to contribute much on the sustainability in the long run but they are great to drive traffic now to get me a good following. They are contributing to the faster growth of KOL.


Search Engine Optimized Content

So we’re still covering a blog posts searchability. SEO or search engine optimization is a way to generate more visitors to your blog by making it more searchable for search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing. But Google is the biggest traffic drivers for organic searches among all search engines, so we follow it’s rules for faster blog growth.



One of the ways, technically not a rule, to attracting Google to set its eyes on your blog is by using keywords on your articles. This maybe a tricky technique because if you are keyword stuffing, even if you don’t mean to, you might get penalized. If you do get penalized, this may hurt your blog badly. But when done right, it’s the perfect way to get your blog from page ten to page one of Google’s search results. Long tail keywords are also better as it shows that you provide more detail to your post.


        Word Count

Google is also more attracted to articles that are long, like over 1,000 words long. A post of less words will look to Google like something that’s not worth reading and might throw you to the bottom of the list. But if you are writing about topics that no one else is writing then you just might have the better chances of popping up the first page. But if you’re writing about topics that everyone else is writing then you need to compete by writing longer articles because these posts usually have better quality. The fact that is it long means that you have written so much detail in it.


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Quality Content

Keyword and word count alone isn’t going to grow your blog faster. The quality of your content still matters the most. If you’re only writing long nonsensical articles with perfect keywords, you might be getting a lot of traffic from search results but your bounce rate is going to be high because your readers or your audience are not going to want to read whatever you have written. Google doesn’t like a high bounce rate because it means that your blog is not providing the right results for the search, so the next time, you might find your blog getting pushed down to the last page. Remember to not just write, but write for your audience. Write something that is worth reading. Your efforts will be worth it because your readers will determine your blog’s growth.



A good quality article is detailed. So your content shouldn’t just be general knowledge. Try writing something that most people don’t know and go deep into the topic by providing more detail.



An informative post is also great. You should write posts that informs people. It can be a post that answers questions or concerns.



Trivial posts are also worth reading. They may not be that detailed or informative but they are entertaining.


User Generated Content

Another type of content you should be publishing is user generated content. This is really popular forums or Twitter chats and they are sometimes seen through blogs. If you have built a large community on your blog, this should be easy. You can conduct a survey and create a post from that. Or you can take the exact tweets from your Twitter chat and post that with acknowledgements. User generated content is very attractive to readers because they created it. It gives them a sense of importance for being able to contribute.


So the next time you write a post, keep these in mind for you to be able to write an article that will contribute to your blog’s growth and easy sustainability.


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