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Building a Successful Business: The Skyscraper Technique

The Skyscraper Technique

A few days ago I was reading about stuff on the right ways to grow a blog and I encountered the term “The Skyscraper Technique”. The term made me very curious and I got to searching more about it. It turns out that it’s just a term coined for something we may all be familiar with but most of us don’t know how to execute it. Though the Skyscraper Technique is mostly used with blogging, I find that it can be very useful in building a successful business.

Do you live in a city where you always see tall skyscrapers and buildings? Or perhaps you’ve visited such an area? Ever noticed that countries are competing to build the tallest buildings? Not only is our generation attracted to height but even in the middle ages, tall towers were created to lock up beautiful princesses. And in ancient Egypt, pyramids are built taller with more steps with the belief that the Pharaoh’s spirit who is buried under the pyramid will use these as staircases to the afterlife.

Basically, the “Skyscraper Technique” is just building a taller tower, but not from scratch. Building a business from scratch is a really hard thing to do. So take a business and slap a few more floors on top of it to make it bigger and taller.

A good example is the Mcdonald’s business. When I was younger there was no such thing as a Mc Cafe, and now there is. Mcdonald’s has changed from an ordinary fast food chain to this really cool and comfy Cafe. It’s as simple as taking something that really works and evolving it to something better.

I’m not discouraging anyone to start a business from scratch. I think unique and new forms of business will be those that are going to be successful if properly run, so by all means, if you have an idea then execute it. It’s another matter to understand the Skyscraper Technique and apply it in so many ways. If you have a business in mind but don’t know how to start it and don’t have a system to run it. Look to those who are successful and study their businesses and their systems because they work. Find out which system will best suit your business, take it, apply it, then make it evolve.

The concept of the Skyscraper Technique is very broad, but by understanding it, it can be a very useful tool to help you build a successful business. Build your skyscraper and reach beyond the clouds.

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  • Bisma Rauf

    Thanks for this info!

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  • Ivana Split

    sounds like a good technique to build a business!

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  • Krista Clor

    Hmm, I think this may be applicable to blogging like adding new topics to discuss on your blog (which could represent the 'floors') instead of sticking to just a couple of topics to widen the range of your blog (which could represent the height of the tower).

    This is so informative. I've never heard of the Skyscraper Technique before. It's a good read. 🙂

    Life With Antlers // A Personal Blog

  • Lusiana Setiawan

    i like the pic ♥

  • monika berdnik

    Great post, love this advice, will definitely look into this technique 🙂

  • Janelle

    Inspiring post! I'll keep this in mind. I'm thinking of setting up a business, but I'm still not fully convinced that I should do the venture. Anyway, I find it really timely to read something like this. So yes, thanks for the advice.

    xx Janelle
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  • Thrill Hunter

    Interesting..I didn't know about this before!
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