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Blogopolis 2015 Fave Speakers

Last Saturday, I was at the 2015 Blogopolis organized by Nuffnang Philippines at Dusti Thani Manila and I had the most awesome time with my blogger friend Ruff from Though I have to admit, my most favorite part was getting free stuff (Ha!), I’ve also learned a lot from professional bloggers. They are all so inspiring, but I have to say, there are speakers whom I favor mainly because they speak to me in ways that I alone could understand. So, let me highlight my fave speakers of the event.


Gang Badoy (


I just love her because she is so liberated when she talks, and you have no idea how far this blogger would go not to have great material for her blog but to get out of boredom. Ha! She is just so laid back and I admire her because the she doesn’t put on her blog what people wants, she puts whatever she wants, like this is her and this is what you’re going to get. I also admire the way she stressed out that bloggers aren’t just couch potatoes. We as bloggers need to experience before we can share. Just like me, I need to experience life before I can share life.


Tippy and Pong Go (


I love this couple because they are just so adorable. You guys should have seen their presentation. And I recommend that you go check out their blog right now (after you read this article of course. Ha!). You’ll be like, “They are so cute; I’m going to die!” I just admire these two because they’ve put up all the cuteness in their blog and not worrying whether people will take them seriously or make a joke out of them. I think I can relate to them because when I first edited my template, it was all pink and cuteness, but then I kind of got scared because people might not believe what I say, especially when I talk about finance. But hey, my blog is a life blog, not just a lifestyle blog, it’s a life blog and I cover all aspects of, particularly my life. And life is meant to be colorful, so next time I change my template, I’m going to make sure it’s going to look like me (not literally).


Jackie Go (


Isn’t her blog URL inspiring? It’s just so full of moral support. Jackie Go is a mom and a lovely wife slash blogger. I think I can relate to her because she also blogs about a lot of things. She blogs about fashion, about makeup, about being a mom, and more. So, just like me, she falls in the category of lifestyle blogger. But I like to call myself as life blogger instead of lifestyle. There was a part in the event where a speaker asked who among us were travel bloggers. I wanted to raise my hand because I love blogging about my travel experiences but I didn’t because I wasn’t just a travel blogger. Then he asked who the food bloggers were, and again I didn’t raise my hand. I am so much more than food, or travelling, or beauty, or finance. Just like Jackie Go, I’m a life blogger (though she didn’t exactly say she is a life blogger. Ha!).


Josh Villanueva (


Gosh! Josh is just good with his words. I envy him because I have a hard time talking in front of a camera. I don’t know why. I mean, I’ve tried hosting events with over 500 people before and I talked ok, probably because at each event I had a partner to talk with me. When I’m in front of a camera, I just forget what I’m supposed to say. Michael Josh is a Youtuber. The tips that he shared were really awesome and I was just checking out some of them at Youtube. Did you know that Youtube has an academy for being a better Youtuber? I didn’t either, but thanks to Josh I learned about it. Also, I loved that he mentioned Michelle Phan. I just love her and she’s currently my inspiration.


Jeff Lo (


PinoyFitness is cray popular in the office because I’ve got office mates who are, technically not athletes but just love sports. They talk about PinoyFitness all the time, and I never knew it’s a blog until I learned it from Blogopolis and got to hear the founder, Jeff Lo talk about his experience with blogging. I can relate because he shared the times when he was just starting with his blog and that’s where I am now. And I just see myself in his story.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Were you able to attend the Blogopolis this year? Have you ever have a chance to go to a blogger’s event? Let me know by leaving a comment below.



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  • Kim Alston

    They had some really powerful speakers! Great topics too! Glad you went and most importantly got a lot out of it.

  • Zarrah Jane

    Amazing event.
    Wish i can be there to attend. LOL
    Looks like you have fun, with the giveaways too.

  • Katie M

    Looks like it was a fun event! They had some really cool people speaking!


  • Ira Kharchenko

    Great post! Join my giveaway:

  • @gardengal4466

    Sounds very inspirational. I often find myself wondering what makes others excited about life because I like to surround myself with positive people that like to explore the world and enjoy it.

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