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Learn From These Blogging Mistakes And Grow A Better Blog

Did you know that a lot of the best lessons you learned and can learn about anything is through your own mistakes? But, seriously, do you have to make mistakes before you can learn anything good? One way to not do that is to learn from other people’s mistakes.


I’ve been blogging on KOL for over a year now and I have committed a lot of blogging mistakes, which I wish I knew then not to do. Avoiding these blogging mistakes has helped me double my traffic in just a month with less the effort. I know a lot of bloggers are committing these mistakes, too, but have no idea that they are doing it, or they just didn’t know what else to do to improve. But doing these causes more damage than good to their blogs. It is what’s keeping their blog growth down. See for yourself if you are committing these mistakes, too, and learn how you can improve.


Deleting Old Posts

If you don’t already know, I’ve started blogging on Kintsugi of Life with no niche. I blogged about anything and when I narrowed down my niche to just four categories, more than half of my posts have absolutely nothing to do with my new niche. So I decided to revert those back to draft. I had over 200 published posts and it went down to half. When my blog post number went down, so did my traffic from Google. That’s because the more content I have, the more SEO bots Google sends to my site.


SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the term used for getting your blog or site on search engine results naturally or organically. If your site doesn’t have content, Google bots will just ignore it. The quantity of your content is one way SEO bots consider your site for search engine results. The quality is another another story, so you can’t just go thinking you’d publish a lot of hullabaloo on your site so you’d get more traffic from Google. It doesn’t work that way, but like I said, the number of content you have is one way to consider your site.


So if you’ve already established that with Google and have a good amount of traffic coming from it, don’t delete or revert to draft a great number of your published posts. Unless you want to start over from a clean slate.


What You Can Do About It

Instead of deleting your posts, keep them. As long as they are not inappropriate, you have nothing to worry about. There are three things you can do with old blog posts.


One is to update them. Look for your old blog posts that may be edited to include them in your niche. For example, if you have a fashion blog then suddenly turned your niche to talking about career or success, you can take a couple of your posts and edit them to something like, “How to dress for success”, or “Wear comfy but fashionable outfits while you’re on a business trip,” or “How to stand out in the office.” I’m pretty sure you’ve got one or two posts in there that you can recycle. Or instead of editing them, you can publish them as new blog posts.


The next thing you can do with them is to study them. If you’ve got a lot of published posts, there will be competition among them. Look for the posts that got the biggest hits on traffic or the posts that got the most engagement in terms of comments and social media shares. Study them and learn what made them that successful.


The third thing you can do with them is to reflect on them. They are means for you to be able to gauge how much you’ve grown as a blogger. You’ll be able to see the improvements of your content and your writing by comparing your old posts with your recent ones.


Comment Spamming And Automated DM’s

I don’t know about you but I started out as a comment spammer. I’m totally guilty of it. I only did it because every blogger I knew was doing it too. Hey, if you hang out with the spammers, you become one, too. Being a spammer is not a good look on anybody. It destroys your credibility, and you’ll be gathering more haters than lovers.


I used to follow this fashion blogger who I thought was really good until he started spamming me. I mean, everyday, he would leave a comment on my newest post, and it would be the same comment over and over again WITH HIS BLOG LINK. It was a copy paste spam comment. So I thought he was just a poop of the bull, and, I know, so was I.


That’s the same with automated DM’s. I’ve never done this, but I do get a lot of it on twitter. I keep getting these messages from people telling me to visit their website or their facebook page. Are you getting the picture? By these means, noone is making natural connections. These people are also poops of a bull.


What You Can Do About It



I know there’s this marketing strategy going around that’s telling you to leave your links on people’s comments, and that’s ok. I have nothing against that. But the only time you are actually allowed to leave your link in someone’s comments is, one, you are providing something helpful to the blog author and it’s readers, and, two, you are reaching out to the author to help you out with something about your blog.


Let’s start with the first one. When you leave helpful comments, people who are actually interested in the post content also reads comments, and if they do find your comment helpful or, at the very least, interesting, they would probably want to read more of what you have to say. You’re just going to make it easier for them to find you on where you’re best at. That is on your blog.


On the next one, if the content of the blog you commented on is trying to help out people, and you have a question, you can leave your link for the author to check out your blog and get back to you. That is if he or she finds the time to do that.


There are probably other reasons why you can leave your link on a comment, but spamming is not one of them. Spamming isn’t even the best way to market your blog, so you’ll just be consuming too much of your time doing that instead of doing something that’s actually productive.


Learn From These Blogging Mistakes And Grow A Better Blog


No Marketing Strategy

Here’s one reason why amateur bloggers are spamming comments. It’s because they have no marketing strategy. The internet have totally changed over the past couple of years. So if a blogger tells you that you just have to comment on ten two twenty blogs each day to make your blog popular, well, that’s just effin’ nonsense. It may have worked with her site during her days, but the market and the competition has now changed. Unless a brand, company, or anyone looking to collaborate has accidentally clicked on your link and fell in love with your blog the moment he stepped foot in it, leaving links everywhere, not just on comments, will do you no good. There are thousands of blogs out there. Keep in mind that there are more blogs that are better than yours. This is a reality you have to accept. So what can you do to get an advantage? Mark Twain once said, “Many small things has been made large by the right kind of advertising.” I’m not telling you to pay ads to get your blog out there. I’m telling you to learn how to market your blog.


What Can You Do About It

There are so many marketing strategies out there and I’ve got to tell you, I’m getting a little overwhelmed with all of them. The best advice that I can give you is to find which ever works best for you and your blog. But there are marketing strategies that every blogger should be doing.


Here are two things every blogger should be doing to market their blogs.


          Creating quality content and optimizing it for search engines

Quality content is the very first thing a blogger needs to create. Let’s face it, unless you have a creepy stalker, people who read your blog are not going to want to read about the details of your life. They are going to want to read something that will benefit them. Why would they waste their time reading about someone they totally don’t know? As harsh as it may sound, it’s a fact that people are driven by their own interests. And you can take advantage of this by creating quality content for them. Create content that your readers will be interested in. Create content that your readers will find helpful. That way, they’ll stay on your blog longer. They’ll keep coming back, and maybe even share your content with others who might be interested.


Other than having quality, your content should also be optimized for search engines. Like I’ve mentioned, quantity also counts. Longer posts are more attractive to Google bots. Another thing you can do to optimize your content is to use keywords, but be careful of using too much of this, Google bots are now smarter, and they can tell if you are providing quality content or just stuffing keywords.


         Market on social media

Social medias are the new blogs or I should say microblogs. Microblogs like Facebook, Tweeter, Pinterest, and Instagram are getting more and more popular. And these are where the none bloggers hangout. In other words, these platforms are where your market is. These are the places where you can find your potential readers or audience. You should have at least one social media platform where you market your content.


Not Having A Blog Goal Or A Niche

As mentioned I just recently narrowed my niche to just four categories. I have to be honest with you, when I narrowed my niche, my blog has started to grow faster than it has for the past whole year. And it’s only been a month since then. Sticking to just a few topics allowed me to concentrate on them and tackle them in more detail.


I once wrote this post about Building a Successful Business: The Skyscraper Technique and understood it as changing or improving something that is already there. Do you know why LG is very successful? LG has a lot of products. They have refrigerators, microwaves, and flat screen TVs. LG could have more products than what they offer now, but they cut down the number of their products to only those that will actually sell. And as they narrow down to only those that work out for them, they improve those to make them even more competitive in the market. They build taller and smarter, not wider and shallower.


That’s exactly the same with blogging. Your niche is your top product. Even if you are writing it for free, it is the very first thing that you offer to your readers. So if you asked me what I can offer you and I answered with, “Your happiness,” what would you think? Try not to touch the green jokes. It could mean a lot of things, and you won’t be sure if you need it or ever want it. But what if I answered, “I can help you improve your blog and your life thru self-development.” Which answer would you choose? Since you have made it this far into the post, you must be really interested about growing your blog and would be more interested in the second answer, which is a lot less vague and shallow than the first.


What You Can Do About It

Find your niche before you even start blogging. Or if you’ve already started blogging, you can filter out the topics that doesn’t really work for you and concentrate on just a few. You can check out my blog post about How I Found My Niche and How You Can Find Yours Too.


I hope you were able to find this post helpful. I will be publishing a FREE eBook about How To Build A Totally Rockin’ Blog next month, exclusively for Kintsugi of Life subscribers. So subscribe now and get a free copy of this #KOLawesomeness freebie that will help you create a better blog.

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