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Why Blogging Is One Of The Best Strategies You Can Do For Your Business

Blogging is one of the best strategies you can do for your business || KOL Blogging

One of the main focus of KOL Blogging is to help bloggers turn their blogs into money making businesses or help offline businesses extend to the online world through blogging. Whichever of the two it focuses on, it’s still going to end up about blogging because it is one of the best strategies you can do for your business.


According to an article published by Launch Marketing, companies that blog have 55% more website visitors than companies that do not blog and B2B companies that blog generate 67% more leads per month than companies that do not blog. That means they get more traffic and more potential product sales.


As a personal view, I would say that blogging is one of the ultimate marketing strategies to this day. And you’re probably wondering why. Well, here are a couple of reasons to backup that claim.


Online Business

Let me just state the obvious that an online business is more powerful than an offline business because anyone can get more potential customers online. You can have further reach and even go overseas. Now if you want to migrate your business into a dotcom or extend it to the virtual online world, there are so many options. Three of the top options would be through Social Media, Website, or Blogging. It’s only the matter of choosing which is the best one for you, and for this post of course, I’m rooting for blogging and you are about to know why.



Search Engine Optimization is one of the best ways for anyone to get located on the web. Being one of the top in the list of results returned by search engines (not just Google) requires one of the main elements of blogging, which is content. But not just any content, it should be good or even better content.


Potential buyers of a product search online for the best products that would satisfy their needs. As a personal experience, I myself search for products online, but I don’t go straight to distributing websites, especially if I know that the purchase would be a little too expensive. Extensive research is a must. Unless you are searching for a specific brand of product, when you search a question or topic online, the top results will show blog for their blog reviews or other mentions. This is because unlike simple websites, blogs have more keywords that search engines can refer to and more pages to index.


The internet is like a library and the search engines are the librarians. They help you find that specific book, which is a page on the internet that will solve your problem or answer your query. But the librarian isn’t just going to throw books at your face. In order for librarians to get organized, they will need index cards or catalogs referring them to that specific bookshelf that will contain all the keywords in books about what you are looking for. The more posts you also have on your blog the more pages are indexed. Think of it as if your pages are all books, and if you have more books, your blog will dominated a whole bookshelf as opposed to just having one book that stashed in between all the others, which will be harder to locate. But also take note that if your published content is useless, the librarian will throw it into the trash bin. This explains why companies with blogs get more traffic than those that don’t.


Content is King

On the side of getting more leads, Seth Godin said, “Content marketing is the only marketing left.” and this is the type of marketing I’m currently doing for my blog. Though I wouldn’t necessarily say that all the other marketing strategies are dead and are just nonsense or bogus, I would agree that is it the best strategy when it comes to making sales for businesses.




According to a statistical study from Social Media Examiner, blogs are now the third most influential digital resource when making overall purchases. Before making any online purchases especially if the only thing I see is a picture of the product, I usually search for reviews from bloggers of that specific niche. I’m one example that shows that my decisions are influenced by blogger reviews. Why? Because when bloggers review products, they already have tried it themselves, and as someone who hasn’t tried it yet, I would need a basis of why I need to buy it even though I already know I need it.


Driving traffic is one way to use the content of a blog, another is for convincing others on why they should purchase something, and most of the time, people purchase things based on what they see online even if they don’t really need it.


Getting Personal

Bloggers are also more trustworthy because blogs are more personal, especially for blogs that are owned by only one author, like Kintsugi of Life or Start With A Peso. If you look at product descriptions on official websites, that’s all you’re going to get, just the description and nothing else. Whereas if you refer to blog, you would notice that the contents are more relatable because bloggers often share their own experiences, and those experiences are usually the basis of why they say a product works. It’s as good as saying that they are living proofs. A blog now becomes more personal and anything with personality is more trustworthy than a robotic description. Thus this adds up to blogs being more influential for business compared to other online business platforms.


Social Media Strategy vs. Blogging

From the same post published by Social Media Examiner, it’s stated that blogs outrank social networks for consumer influence and a blog’s personality and content shows why. But that’s not the only thing where blogging trumps social media. I once published an article about microblogging vs. blogging because I read another article on the web that said that blogging is dying. I wanted to point out that blogging is very much alive because though the population of bloggers may have thinned and social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have grown exponentially, blogging only evolved. And most of them right now are evolving into huge businesses. The population thinned not because the platform is dying but because the survivors are the new modern bloggers of today who are the influencers and entrepreneurs.


If you open up a fashion store on Instagram, it’s very true that you can make money out of it. But the problem is not making money, it’s making your business grow in the long run. An Instagram store can only target potential buyers who are on Instagram. But if you are a blogger, in my published post, I said that you can use microblogging to your advantage. Bloggers can create social media extensions and link it to their blogs. I like to call them gateways for more traffic. This way bloggers get more traffic, more leads, and even more sales.


If you’d also notice, a lot of companies are collaborating with bloggers by creating affiliate programs because bloggers are the top marketers and most of us just don’t know it.


So now that you know how powerful a blog is when it comes to growing your business online, why not start one already? Here’s a free ebook I wrote for bloggers and business owners like you on how to create a totally rockin’ blog. You can download it through your email by clicking here.


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