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KOL Blogging Business Guest Contributor Guidelines, Disclaimer, and Rights Reservation


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This is written as a guideline for guest contributors to be able to create content that is tailor fitted for KOL Blogging Business. By understanding the following, the guest contributor is expected to write a blog post that is aimed towards the goal of KOL Blogging Business and is made specifically for better experience of it’s readers.


Blog Goal:


The content of KOL Blogging Business is focused on providing detailed information in the fields of online business, blogging, and marketing. Each topic should aim to inform and motivate the readers regarding going virtual and joining the online community, especially in terms of investments, and business.


Blog Post Format:


Content must be original.


If possible, content should be personalized or based on the guest contributor’s experience or observations on experiments made by him/ her.


Hard statements should be facts.


Articles must be at least 1000 words.


Articles should not include promotions.


Content may have outbound links as long as the links point to a relevant source of information to support its credibility.


Contents answering questions should provide long term and detailed (not vague) solutions.


Blog post will be subjected for editing regarding grammatical errors, and deletion of unnecessary mentions or words. No other information will be added to the content.


Featured Image:


If guest contributor provides an image to be featured, the photo is subject for editing to meet the current format of featured images on KOL Blogging Business.


Reservation of Rights:


The Contributor will be acknowledged as the author of the article at the end or footer of the post. Thus, the contributor should also write a 30-50 word short biography for the publishing.


All rights will be reserved for KOL Blogging Business for any article or content published on the platform


the guest contributor is entitled to have two outbound links–one for his/ her website or blog and one for his/ her social media account of choice. If the outbound links are not available, the author may declare different links, or may not declare them at all.


Legal Actions:


If the article provided by the guest contributor is found to have suspicious content, plagiarized, or any form that could cause penalties prior or after publishing, the content will not be published or will be taken down. The guest contributor will be held responsible for his/ her content and will be banned from contributing to KOL Blogging Business.


Summary of Materials for Submission:


Article for publishing


Guest contributor’s bio


Guest contributor’s outbound links


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