Blogging is all about content--creating content, marketing content, and even selling content. KOL Blogging is designed to take the path of discovering how to create and improve content, and build a business around it.
To help bloggers turn their blogs into businesses. To assist entrepreneurs in extending their businesses into the online community of dotcoms. To reach more potential customers, clients, and audience. KOL Blogging is a revolution in the blogging industry of Asia. This blog is created for bloggers, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and creatives.



KOL Bogging is created to contain free information about Blogging and Content Marketing that will surely help you to get started with your mad blogging and online marketing skills. With the help that's offered for you here, you can start making money online. This is the content that you've been waiting to read--actionable and effective.


Heide Padilla is the creator of KOL Blogging. She is a reader, writer, coffeeaddict, travel junkie, foodie, and money savvy blogger. She’s currently on the path to discovering how to improve content creation and to build a business around it. And she aims to help bloggers, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and creatives who are willing to pursue the same goal.



Author's Note

Blogging is this generation's new way of letting out one's creativity without limitations. You can basically do everything and anything with a blog. Of course, that's metaphorically speaking. I like to think it that way because it has allowed me to do just that.


Blogs can be defined in many different ways. It can never be just one thing. It's a means of communication. It's a publication. It's a business. It's a portfolio. It's a shop. It's a career. And somewhere out there a blogger considers her blog as her world. I think most bloggers do. Whichever way you like to define your blog, it is yours to create, to control, and to bring out all your genius creativity into.


This blog is created for you. This is where I pour out all of what I have learned from my experiences with blogging on three different blogs and I give it away for free so other bloggers like yourself may be able to learn faster. For now, there's only one thing I am left to let you know. Create a business out of your passion; KOL Blogging is where you'll learn how.


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