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7 Quick 5 Minute Tips You Need To Do Pre And Post Publishing A Blog Post

7 Quick 5 Minute Tips You Need To Do Pre And Post Publishing A Blog Post || KOL Blogging

Remember how I said that blogging is all about content creation. Well, it’s mostly about that. A couple of years ago it was easy to get word out about your blog and about your newly published post. You’d get hundreds of views in a day because you might not have that many competition on your niche. But today, it’s no longer that easy. You’ve got to put a lot more effort to it if you want to get results.


So here are a couple of quick tricks that you can do in only under 5 minutes to help you boost the visibility of your new post to more readers.


Pre Publish

Before publishing a blog post, the best thing that you can do is to make sure that your post is search engine optimized.


           Add labels

Do you know how WordPress or Blogger has a feature on the dashboard where you can add labels to your post. Don’t ignore this because adding a word or two will help you categorize you blog post. It sorts your content and helps SEO to figure out what genre your post is . This will help you index your posts.


It’s also helpful in the easy navigation of your reader. For Blogger this is known simply as tags, while for WordPress they have categories and tags. Both are just as important in boosting your SEO.


Labels can be edited even after publishing a post but it’s still always best to get it done before the first publish.


          Photo Name

It’s limited knowledge that a lot of people actually use images to search for something on the internet. I for one do this. Images are a great way to remember something so if i can’t remember what exactly I want to search, I usually search for that specific image that I’ve seen before. If you’re using at least one image to feature on your blog posts, you should do this.


Remember that search engines don’t really have eyes. If you upload a photo of a coffee mug, the engine won’t be able to look at it and say that it’s a coffee mug. So how does it identify it? Search engines identify photos by their file names. So before uploading a photo makes sure to edit or rename your photo first. Instead of saving it as 1234.jpg on your desktop, save it as coffeemug.jpg. This will help your photo get pulled out for search results and link back to the post of where you published it.


          Alt Name Of Photos

The other thing that help search engines identify a photo is by the alternative name. Once you’ve uploaded the picture to your post, before publishing, you can switch to html view and find the codes for your featured photo. It will be the one inside the clause of


        img src=””


Right after img add


        alt=”Your Key Words”


So it will look like this


        img alt=”Coffee Mug” src=”coffeemug.jpg”


The alternative name of your photo will help search engines identify what it is. It will also be the name displayed if the image cannot be displayed on your post because of some circumstances like slow internet.


          Edit URL

The URL of your blog post is also an additional helper for search engines to identify your article and pull it out for search results. Both WordPress and Blogger has this feature on the dashboard that allows you to change the default URL. The default URL is usually taken from the title of your post. But you can edit this and optimize it even more by using the bigger keywords only and eliminating other verbs like is or are or other words that are not necessary.


On Blogger you might notice that you won’t be able to delete the date stamp on your URL. This is ok and won’t affect your searchability. It will also help your readers to.know whether they are reading an old post or a recently published one.




Post Publish

Once you hit that button, all you can do is cross your fingers and hope that people will search for your topic and you’d come up on search results. Wrong! There’s always more you can do even after you hit that publish button. For post publishing, you can now concentrate on marketing your content.


          Share to Social Media

It’s always great to have a social share button your blog that allows your readers to just click and share, tweet, pin, or even more. And it only takes just a couple of minutes. It’s not also great for your audience because it’s also your quick way to market your blog. I’m currently using Addthis on KOL Blogging Business and it works just great. The best part of it is that it’s free.


          Schedule To Share On Social Media

Social Media are one of the biggest traffic drivers for websites and blogs, which is why so many bloggers and marketers are taking advantage of them. But because of the many users that are doing this, your share or tweet isn’t likely to stay on top of the recent ones, especially on Twitter. It will only take a few minutes or even seconds and your tweet will be gone and buried under all the other millions of tweets. This is why it’s advisable to share your content on social media not just ones. But having to go to your post every time and clicking your share buttons may be a little hectic in the long run. A quick and easy way to reshare your content is by using a scheduling tool. I’m currently using Buffer to do this. It’s simple, easy, and quick to use.


          Send Out To Email List

The last but not the least of the quick things you can do to market your blog post after publishing is by sending it to your email list. You don’t have to whip up a clever topic or email content to do this. You can just write up one or two sentences saying that you want to share your recently published post.Then paste the link to your article. You can also copy the introduction or the first paragraph of your post and paste it on the email as a teaser. Neil Patel is great at doing this strategy, he sends out emails everyday just to share content from or everytime a new post is published. It works great for him, why not try it out?


So the next time you’re about to publish a post don’t forget to take five minutes and do these SEO tips, and after publishing your post make sure to market it quickly, too.


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