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5 Major Things You Need To Update Before Launching A Migrated Blog

5 Major Things You Need To Update Before Launching A Migrated Blog || KOL Blogging

It’s been over a week since KOL Blogging just migrated to WordPress and I’m still getting goosebumps about it. I’m just so overwhelmed and excited, especially when I’m discovering these new options on how I can grow my blog faster. And I will be sure to share with you guys whatever I learn.


As a blogger, I don’t have a team yet. Since I am a solopreneur on all my blogs, I have limited man power and limited resources on doing the migration. So if I tried perfecting everything while transitioning the blog, I might have taken a month instead of a week before I’m able to relaunch KOL Blogging. The smart thing to do is to choose which major items needs updating before actually going public on the new blog. This way, I can go live and the blog won’t look or feel like a skeletal blog that’s not yet ready to be launched. And while it’s already launched and running, I can do the smaller or minor edits behind the scenes without creating too much changes on the audience experience.


So on this post, I’m sharing with you the 5 major things or elements of a blog that needs to be updated when migrating a blog. This is applicable not just on WordPress but to any other platform even on Squarespace, or Blogger.


Blog Template or Theme (Especially Navigation)

Every blogger knows that a blog needs a template or a theme, and these are specific to the platform that your blog is currently hosted on. A Blogger theme will only work on Blogger, and a WordPress theme will only work on WordPress. Which is why my blog template needed to be updated when I made the transitioned from Blogger to WordPress.


This process is probably the one that took the most of my time for this migration because it was so hard to find a blog theme on WordPress that’s exactly the same one that I had on Blogger. Of course, I won’t be able to find one like that but at least I had to find one that is similar. One important thing that I had to note while looking for that theme is that it should have a good navigation system for my readers to have easy access to every page on KOL Blogging. As you can see, I have a navbar at the top of every page where you can navigate to the basic pages of this blog, like the Hope page or the blog itself, the About page, and the Contact page.


It took about three days looking for that specific theme. That’s almost half the week of my transitioning timeline. And when I finally found something close enough, it wasn’t for free. Since, I’ve already spent a lot on self-hosting the option to buy the theme was a little difficult. I then came to that decision when I realized that I am this type of blogger who wants full control over my blog including the theme’s HTML, PHP, CSS, and other codes. All of it! So I bought the theme and updated a few things to make it match the KOL Blogging’s brand of brown, yellow, and red colors. Updating the template was a must for the user or audience better experience. So, I hope you like!


Social Media Buttons or Follow Links (Including Social Share Buttons)

The next thing that I had to update was my social media button and links. Sure, they may not be such a big deal when it comes to how my blog looks, but the user experience is still dependent on them, including the social share buttons.


A good percentage of my blog traffic is coming from social media, which is why I’m currently also putting in much time on building my followings on Twitter (just recently got my first 1K followers!) and Pinterest, and even on Instagram because I’m planning on launching a new travel blog. Social media links and share buttons are a must to getting KOL Blogging promoted on different platforms outside the blog. So this is definitely a must update on the new platform. Luckily, since I have access to everything on the new theme, it’s easy to edit without any restrictions.


5 Major Things You Need To Update Before Launching A Migrated Blog 1 || KOL Blogging


Static Pages or Landing Pages

I have several static pages on the blog. They all include the different basic pages that a blog needs such as the About page, and the Contact page. Then there are also the special featured pages of KOL, like the landing page for Blogging Freebies, the application page for the business side of my blog—Book Me To Write, and a page to let you guys know that I’m accepting Guest Posts.


The About page helps my readers to know what KOL Blogging is all about and why they should continue to read it. The Contact page is of course the page where anyone can reach out the me. This page opens up opportunities for collaborations and more. The special pages like the landing page for Book Me To Write opens up opportunities for the business side of KOL Blogging. And the rest of the pages also have different purposes, but they are all dedicated to the same things. That is to help grow KOL Blogging into a better blog.


All these static pages and landing pages are essential to the success of the operation of the blog and again for better audience experience. That’s why they needed to be updated before the launch, not just the basic pages, but also the special pages.


Blog Posts (Checking Images and Videos)

A blog is a platform for content. About 90% of what a blog is about runs around content. That is what it’s all about. This article is part of that blog content. Readers come to your blog not because they want to stare at your logo at the top header but they come to your blog because of the content that can be useful or entertaining to them.


When you migrate your blog to a new platform, of course your content will also be transferred, and whatever you have written will stay the same, every single word of it. But the new platform may have different effects and changes on the formatting, which may make your blog posts unreadable or unattractive to the audience.


During my transition, I spent a whole day quickly checking and editing all blog posts on KOL Blogging, making sure that the format of all the posts are still readable at the very least. Though I didn’t take too much time on old blog posts, from when I blogged about everything that is interesting to me, that are no longer within my niche, I still made sure they looked fine to a reader.


Two of the things I made sure are formatted correctly are the images or photos and the videos. Images and videos are still a part of blog content and they play a huge role on how your readers react to your blog. These are included to optimize user experience. Whatever the audience sees on the blog, which is part of the content should definitely be updated.


Opt-in Forms

Last but not the least are the opt-in forms. When you’re trying to grow your blog, it’s a good thing to note that you need to build your email list too. Having an email list is different from having a huge following on social media because networking sites are exactly yours to be controlled. Any changes on these platforms that can affect the promotion of your blog is out of your control. Furthermore, if these social media networks were to die out, you won’t be able to do anything about it, which is why you need an email list. Email is not social media. Emails are a means of communication and that’s it. If there are any changes to these platforms, as a blogger you won’t be affected much because you can still send out your messages to the list that you have grown.


The best way to build an email list is by adding opt-in forms around your blog. Though most opt-in forms are already included in landing pages, there may be a few that you can add at the end of a blog post, or at the footer of your blog. When transitioning a blog, your opt-in forms from your old blogging platform may not be migrated to the new platform due to some mismatch in codes or something else. So you definitely need to make sure that these are updated. Make sure that these opt-in forms look similar to what you have on the old platform or at least looking professional to make readers believe and trust you with their emails.


All these elements contribute largely on a blog’s growth and development. These are equally important to be updated prior to launching a blog that is just migrated to a new blogging platform. If you look at my blog now, it’s up and running and looks great, but to be honest, I still have a lot more things to do under the sheets. You probably might not feel any of the upcoming changes because all of the bigger changes are already done, and I’m currently loving it. I hope you are loving the new blog too.


Let me know what you think about the new blog by leaving a comment below.


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  • Hey Heide, I think your blog is great! You have done a wonderful job of swapping over. I was on blogger too a few years ago (my blog is still there for all to see), and I loved it. But I loved it more when I moved to a different platform. Sort of felt like I ‘grew up’ a bit as a blogger!!! Here’s to making our blogs the best we can. 🙂