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4 Reasons Why I Switched To Disqus Comments

4 Reasons Why I Switched To Disqus Comments || KOL Blogging

I have a Disqus account for quite some time now, and I’ve been thinking of switching my comments for a while. I actually did on a trial basis but I couldn’t sync Blogger comments with Disqus so I switched back. Now, I’ve finally decided to change my blog comments to Disqus for good, and it’s not because Blogger comments suck. Trust me, Blogger has served me very well, but I see more benefits on blog marketing using Disqus. And here are four reasons why I see it that way.

Facebook, Twitter, Google Account

Facebook, Twitter, and Google are three of the biggest and most popular microblogs that’s been growing the major large online networks. And these are where people hang out. Almost everyone has at least one account out of the three. I mean, can you honestly give me ten names of people you know who are in their 20s and don’t have a Facebook account? Even my mother has one and she’s in her 50s. If you want to build your network, this is where you go. This is where the market is. And Disqus allows commenting using these social media accounts. Commenters no longer need to be bloggers or Disqus members. With Disqus, you’ve got one step ahead in marketing.



I never really knew how Blogger comments worked. There is a reply button on each comment but how is the person being replied to getting notice that someone is trying to talk to them. Sometimes, it doesn’t make sense. But with Disqus, of course, comment notifications are sent and received thru email if enabled. You can also view your notifications on the dashboard. And the best part, which is my favorite, is you can get notifications even when you are on someone else’s comment box. And making connections is one part of marketing that we bloggers don’t want to leave out.


No Spammers

Well, at least there are fewer spammers on Disqus than on Blogger. Also, Haters can’t easily comment as an anonymous person, so they’ll probably think twice before saying something nasty using their Facebook account. Then again, I don’t want to be proven wrong because haters may go to lengths just to show their hate. Spammers on the other hand will find the easy target. Now what does this one have to do with marketing? Well, if you have a perfectly written blog post that you are awesomely proud of, and all you get are spam comments on it, it’s going to look less credible. When it comes to marketing your content, you’d want things to be perfect down to the last comment. Here’s a tip, if you have spams on your post, delete it. There’s no point in keeping a comment that does you no good just because you want the number of your comments to grow. One good comment is enough, but ten spams are nothing but trash.

Share and Recommend a Discussion

Another great feature of Disqus is comments get to be shared and recommended in Facebook and Twitter. Just like posts, I find that a lot of comments are very helpful and informative, too. And sharing them with a community is a great opportunity. This allows not only bloggers, but also commenters to be able to share something very relevant.

Disqus is not just a commenting platform. It’s not just a network. It’s not just a marketing tool. It’s a community for bloggers and none-bloggers to collaborate and share a lot of epicness and awesomeness.

PS. If you ‘re wondering if I’ve finally debugged my problem about syncing Blogger with Disqus, nope, I haven’t. I didn’t even try. Ha!

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