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3 Ways To Market Your Blogging Business On Valentine’s Day

3 Ways To Market Your Blogging Business On Valentine's Day || KOL Bloging

Who wants to be working on a special day like Valentine’s day? Wouldn’t you want to just be with your special someone? That’s exactly what I’m going to do. But to just drop everything and turn your back on your blog, and your business is unacceptable. If you’re like me, you’d probably worry the whole day that you’re away from that keyboard and might go insane if your phone can’t connect to wifi.


I understand how it must feel for you to not be able to take a break or get a one day vacation especially if you just launched a startup. It requires your time 24 hours a day. But this Valentine’s day, it’s time to unplug your computer. You owe it to yourself to have fun on a day of love, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to totally abandon your business. To give yourself peace of mind there are a couple of things you can do to market your blog on Valentine’s day even if you’re not online.


Here’s three ways you can implement quickly the day before this special holiday.


Automate Your Social Media

I’ve been on social media for a lot more time doing my marketing than I used to when I only enjoyed it for leisure. Social Media currently drives 20% of my blog’s traffic. It’s not as much as I get from organic searches or referrals but hey traffic is still traffic. I’m currently playing around with Twitter, doing an experiment on how I can achieve more loyal followers. Guess what, I’m almost to my first one thousand follower. It was a two week goal since I got back to blogging. From about 700 followers to one thousand. I’m almost there. And soon I’ll share with you guys how I did just that and a lot of the things I learned along the way.


Anyway, so I spent at least an hour a day sending out tweets and reading tweets. I can do this on Valentine’s day when the boyfriend isn’t looking, like, oh say, when he goes to the bathroom during a romantic dinner. Just kidding! Of course I won’t do that… maybe. But there is a better way to send out tweets and other shares on your social media like Facebook, Google plus, and Pinterest even if you’re not actually doing it. It’s called Social Media Automation.


In order to do that, you’re going to need a tool. And there are loads of tools online that you can use for this. I’m currently using Buffer. I mostly use Buffer to send out my tweets and shares during times that I’m unable to, like when I’m sleeping. But for Valentine’s day, I’m going to use it to automate my social media so I get to enjoy my date without having to worry that the traffic I get from social media might drop.


You can try Buffer for free. You can add one of each social medias for Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Google Plus. Pinterest is currently for upgraded accounts. So if you like the tool, you can upgrade for only $10 a month. I’m not promoting them or anything. I just find the tool really helpful and I’m pretty sure you guys will benefit from it, too, not just for this Valentine’s day but for the long run. And before you upgrade to a premium account, you can check out this post on Things You Need To Know Before Investing In A Tool To Grow Your Blog.




Schedule A Post For Publishing

Updating your blog is always the best way to drive traffic. Content is always king. The more recent you update your blog the more traffic you get. Well, more traffic from search bots first, but if your content is really useful and beneficial to readers, tendency is that you’ll end up on top searches for your topic, especially if your content is unique and will only be found on your blog. But make sure someone will actually need it so people will search for it.


Updating your content more often will increase your organic traffic. So before Valentine’s day comes, write up the best article you can come up with and schedule it to publish on that day or publish it the night before. So that people will see it when they wake up.


Don’t forget to share it on social media by including it on your automated tweets, shares, and pins. That will surely drive more traffic to your blog.


Send Out An Email To Your Subscribers

I’ve never really been a regular email sender to KOL subscribers. In fact, I only send them emails when I have something great to share, like my announcement two weeks ago. I’m writing up a new eBook about turning your blog into a business, I don’t have an official title yet, but this is going to be a bomb. And like I said, I’m going to send it out for free! So don’t miss this! Make sure your name is on the list so you’ll be one of the first to get this free ebook. Just subscribe right here and get listed. And while you’re waiting, you also get the free ebook How to Build a Totally Rockin’ Blog.


So yeah, that’s what I sent out to my email subscribers two weeks ago. Don’t get me wrong, I have tried sending out newsletters but I didn’t even know what they were and frankly I wasn’t sure what to write on email on a regular basis that I’m not already writing on my blog.


This coming Valentine’s day, I’m going to send out a Valentine’s email to all KOL subscribers and it’s definitely going to contain loads of insights about the blogging business and more.


I get minimal traffic from my email list because I haven’t grown it big yet, but like I said traffic is still traffic. And here’s something you should know that I’m only sharing right now. The current blogs of today don’t care about huge traffic anymore, though they do help in getting potential customers, it’s now more about the real customers that will make the money for the blog. Maybe I can share more about that on a different post, or maybe I’ll send that article out on email… Oh, hey, maybe I’ll just include it in the free ebook. So make sure to watch out for it.


I sure do hope that you’ll implement one or two or maybe all three of these marketing tactics so you’ll have a worry free Valentine’s Day! Best of all, I hope that you’ll have a great time on this special day. Enjoy!


Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below. And I sure do hope you can share it with your friends.


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