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3 Online Business Ideas That Are Easy To Implement (What You Need To Know)

3 Online Business Ideas That Are Easy To Implement

I’ve met a lot of people who wants to create their businesses but when the going gets tough idea is raised, they always say, “But… and what if…” and never actually implement anything. But I’ve also met a lot of people who are opposite of this and are very much successful with their businesses, not just because they just went for it, but because there’s a hidden concept behind their successful businesses, and for small successful business owners, they might not even know that their businesses have it. But for huge successful business owners, they know what their concept is and take advantage of it.


That’s the same for both online and offline businesses. Now that almost everything is going virtual, online businesses are easier to create. Startups are also much cheaper online than offline. They are easier to implement than you think.


A secret to successful businesses is having a concept. In fact, a secret to anything successful is having a conviction for a concept.


So I’m showing you 3 online businesses and the concepts that you need to know about how to make them successful. You can implement these easily and I’ll give you the goods on how to do that.


Online Store

An online store is probably the most popular among online businesses. There are so many types of online stores. You can sell retail. You can be a distributor. You can provide preowned products. You can pretty much sell anything online if you know what you’re doing.


A lot of these stores are growing fast especially in the fashion industry. Take Nasty Gal for example. This huge company started out as an eBay shop. Before it turned into something big, it started out as nothing. And that’s where you are going to start, too.


So what made Nasty Gal as successful as it is now? If you haven’t noticed yet, the name of the brand is NASTY. If you try to browse items on their website, you’ll see that they sell short sexy dresses, or long body flattering dresses. Their models also have the same looks with sexy messy hair. From its name, to its models, to the items they offer, this brand simply shouts nasty in a super-cool-and-hot-at-the-same-time way.


If you’ve read the book #GirlBoss, which is the autobiography of Sophia Amoruso, founder of Nasty Gal, you’d know that even it’s owner is that nasty.


This shop is not just a shop, it’s a brand. And what makes this brand standout is the conviction to the concept of being true to itself. In this way, Nasty Gal is not just a business, it’s a person, and a personal stylist with attitude.


Concept: Being True To Yourself

If you start your online store as a copycat of some other online store, I assure you that your business will go down the drain in no time. A lot of people have a hard time trying to figure out what their brand is when it’s very simple. It’s not right in front of them, it’s actually within them. Your brand is within you. The successful brand is who you are. Implementing your character, or your personality into your brand is like breathing life to it.


         Benefits Of Having An Online Store With A Brand That Is True To Itself

Sustainable In The Long Run

If you want a business to be long lasting, of course the very first thing you’re going to want is that it’s sustainable in the long run. If you create a business based on something you totally have no knowledge of, it won’t be long lasting. If you copied a business and turned it into your business, it won’t be long lasting. But if you turned yourself into a business, it’s going to be long lasting. You know yourself better than anyone else. You can promote and sell that brand in the best way possible. You can take care of it because you know what it needs based on what you need. And in the long run, it’s easier to live with it. Let me guess, you’re probably already in your 20s or 30s. Well, it doesn’t really matter. You’re surely past five years old and you’ve lived with yourself all this time. Imagine if that was your business.


Single Focus

An eclectic business doesn’t become so popular. If you run a clothing store with so many different styles of clothing, the tendency is your store won’t be so attractive because it’ll be confusing. Niches don’t only work on blogs. They work on businesses, too. Having only one personality gives you a single focus. You can concentrate on it and go deeper into that characteristic. You can give more detail to your theme. This is what’s attractive to a lot of potential buyers, and not just buyers but loyal customers.


Tip On How To Start An Online Store

The hard part would be determining what your product is and locating where you can find your supplier. Or maybe you want to create your own product. But let’s go past that and say you already have a product. How can you start your online store? You have to know where your potential customers hangout.


Social media is the best and cheapest way to start your online store, specifically on Instagram or Pinterest. Especially if you want to put up an online clothing store, pictures are your tools to attracting buyers. By using social media, you are allowing people to follow and subscribe to your post updates, you can feed them your products anytime you like. By this means you’re also filtering out people who are not interested because they won’t be following you. As opposed to going straight and creating your website, social media is free and easy to use and, like I said, it’s where your potential customers hangout.


Consultation Business

Consultation businesses online may be less popular than online stores but they do make a lot of money especially if they catch big companies to consult with them. There are a lot of consultation businesses that I admire. One example is Neil Patel’s consulting business. He offers consultation for online marketing and he does a pretty good job at it.


What makes him so different from other consultation businesses? I can say he’s a master of his niche but so is a lot of other consultants out there. If you visit Neil’s blogs, either on his personal blogs Neil Patel or Quicksprout, or on blogs he co-founded, The Daily Egg or Kissmetrics, you’ll notice that you’ll get all sort of information in so much detail about online marketing. Informations that’s worth thousands are right there out in the open for public viewing for free. He could’ve have written a couple of books and waited for them to be sold while he could sit back, drink his coffee, and relax, but instead, he’s giving these information out for free and taking in clients with whom he works with. He does so much analysis and on websites, business, and blogs. He does the leg work. But why? That’s because he has passion for what he does.


Concept: The Passion For What You Do

I don’t know Neil Patel personally, but I know he started to become a master of online marketing before he was even 20 years of age. He’s been doing it for years. If you’ve read any of his sales pitches, they come off so strong because they’re fully packed with passion. Here’s an example, “I make people more money. I don’t care about rankings, traffic, or anything…” You can read the rest here. It’s absolutely catchy because he focuses on what he can offer his potential clients. He’s very passionate of what he does.


Benefits Of Having A Consultation Business Which You Have The Passion For


                   Love What You Do

Of course the ultimate benefit of doing your passion is that you love what you do. You’re happy because you’re living out your dream.


Tip On How To Start An Online Consultation Business

The best way to start your online consultation business is to start a blog hands down. A blog is a medium where you can share your ideas in more detail. Unlike social medias, you can elaborate on a topic in blog articles. This way you can show that you are a master of your niche. You have to let people know that you know what you’re talking about and the best way to do that is through blogging. With consultation, you don’t have to find your product or you don’t have to create it because your product is yourself, your profession, or your knowledge, and a blog is your marketing machine.


3 Online Business Ideas That Are Easy To Implement (What You Need To Know)


Digital Product Provider

The world is going virtual. Though I personally still prefer hard copies of books, workbooks, or any other learning tools, I find that digital products are very convenient and I understand why majority of the population is turning to them. More than half of the population have smart phones and they are doing it to download products that they think is cool, interesting, or something that will be able to help them with something.


Mariah Coz is one entrepreneur who’s also a blogger at that I know is one of the best examples of this. She creates digital products that concentrates on helping specifically female entrepreneurs build their passive income through the online business of providing digital products.


Mariah Coz provides so many virtual products such as eBooks, eCourses, and Webinars, and they are very useful and helpful to growing an online business. The very obvious concept of Mariah Coz and what she offers is that they are very practical. They are never shallow because she hates shallow. They are step by step guides. They are actionable and easy to follow. All these are what everybody wants. Unless your customer is into self-development, they wouldn’t want an advice that’s metaphoric. They’re going to look for more details on what actions they can take to solve their problems. And that’s the concept of Mariah’s business. It’s very concentrated on the customer.


Concept: Providing For The Customer

Have you ever heard of the saying, “The customer is always right”? Well, that’s absolutely wrong. Well, not absolutely but the use of the word ‘always’ is incorrect. Whoever said that didn’t have that many customers. If you want to help your customers, you can’t just concentrate on what they want, you have to concentrate on what they need too because a lot of times, what customers want is not the best for them. In this way, your customer becomes loyal to you because you are trustworthy in providing for the customer. But if you choose to give your customers what they think they want, you’re simply taking their money. It’s not a hit and run process.


         Benefits Of Having A Digital Product Providing Business That Concentrates On What The Customer Wants


                   Loyal Customers

Providing for the customer isn’t just giving them the product that they want and taking the money and moving on to the next customer. Providing for the customer is giving them what they want but also tweaking that a little to turn it into what they really need, whether it’s for their business, for their household, or for other things. Giving them something that actually works and them seeing huge differences in results will build you loyal customers.


Tip On How To Start A Digital Product Providing Business

It’s easy to create digital products as long as you know what products you want to create and you have a the right tools to create them like Microsoft Word Document or you can check out “Tools That Will Help You Get Started On Your Online Business Without A Cost”.


Now the question is, “Where can you sell your digital products?” An online website also used by Mariah is the Digital Product Delivery on You can try out the free 30 days trial and if it works out for you, you can avail a plan for as low as $10. That’s not so bad if you’re digital products are selling like hotcakes.


Conclusion: I just want to conclude that the best way to go virtual on your business is to implement all three concepts. Be true to yourself, be passionate about what you do and always provide for the customer. That’s the best way to go. If you have other concepts about building an online business, it would be totally awesome if you can share them in the comments below.



Online Business Ideas That Are Easy To Implement

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