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2015 Blogopolis Freebies!

As you all know, last Saturday I was at the 2015 Blogopolis and I had so much fun. I’ve already published a post about my fave speakers, and now I want to show you guys what I’m most excited about—the freebies. Ha!
During the registration, I was given a brochure, which contains the program schedule and the sponsors. And on one side of it are pictures of gears for each sponsor. A sticker is placed on the gear of the sponsor that’s visited. I wasn’t able to visit all the booth but I got to see most of them and got really cool stuff.
Here are the booths I visited and the freebies I got from them:

Watch from Western Digital (WD)

I got an awesome watch, which I still don’t know how to work until now. Ha! I haven’t googled instructions yet. But the digital face lights up when pressed. I just don’t know how to set the time. Plus we got to take photos at their booth. It’s really fun and cute.

Tumbler from SM Supermarkets

I won this one from a spin the wheel game or wheel of fortune as others call it. Well, technically everybody wins something as long as they register, and I really like this one.

Bandana from Zipniture

I got a bandana from Zipniture but it’s not just a bandana. It’s a bandana with the map of Makati. It’s perfect for me because I am bad with directions. Ha! They probably knew.

Candy from XO and Junk Food from Pop’n Chips

I’m kind of thankful for this one because I didn’t bring a bag, like a big grocery bag for the freebies. I didn’t realize I was going to get lots of free stuff. I mean I only came for the convention to listen to the speakers. My small shoulder bag was already full with all my gadgets, camera, tab, phone, kikay kit, and other stuff. So when they gave out the grocery bag with the candy and junk food, I was really thankful.

Candy from Globe

They look like MIC (Made in Candy) candy, but I’m not sure if they came from MIC. What’s great about this is the candies were under different features of a plan, like work, social, education, and more. So we got to choose where we use our postpaid plans the most and get the candy for that feature. BTW, Globe has a new plan for only 499 where you get to choose what features you like—txt, call, surf, and more.

Chocolate from KitKat

Have a break, have a KitKat. During an intermission break, they also gave away KitKats. Yey! Coz I love chocolate. I’m a chocoholic.

Bag Tag from Acer

I got a green bag tag from Acer, which is great because I travel a lot nowadays and the bag tag is just perfect so I’ll easily spot my check in luggage during my travels.

Ref Magnets from Airbnb

I don’t know why I love Airbnb when I haven’t tried it yet, but I do love it. I guess I love the idea that you can now book online for listed apartments, rooms, couch, or even a whole house at a really affordable price. It’s really great if you travel with a group of friends. Anyway, the Ref Magnets are really cute.

Notebook from Zomato

I just love this one. This is probably my favorite. And I love the saying that’s written on the cover. But before I got the notebook, I had to do a challenge. They made me download the app and share my fave restaurant on fb using the app, which I did not regret because up until then I didn’t know what Zomato was and I cannot believe I only learned about it that time. I’m not a foodie but I love to eat, and Zomato app is just perfect for locating the best restaurants. I’ll probably make a review soon, so stay tuned.

Nail Stickers from ETC

It’s a good thing I’m a girl and a good thing I love doing my nails.

Magazine from Adobo

It’s the Nov-Dec issue of Adobo and I haven’t read it yet but I’m sure there are loads of pretty cool stuff in it.







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  • Zarrah Jane

    Amazing freebies.
    Would love to have at least one LOL.
    Hi sis, i've nominated you for Liebster Award.
    Check my post here.

  • The Fashann Monster

    Looks like you got a heap of cool stuff & had a fun time. I’d be most excited about the food haha

    • Oh there was food too. But just snacks. Though I think there was dinner for the Nuffie awards after the Blogopolis, but we didn't stay for too long.

  • Apeksha Kariman

    Hey Random_Hi_D, thanks for dropping by. I am following you everywhere now.
    Follow me back here;
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    Love & Kisses

  • chaneldea

    Hi dear! thank you for your lovely comment on my blog! I follow you now via GFC, Twitter, Instagram, Bloglovin, Youtube. Hope to see you soon on my blog too.
    Ps: I use IMovie for editing Video 🙂

  • Valentina Pink
  • Pumpkin Emily

    You got some amazing freebies! 🙂 Thanks for visiting my blog and your comment! I think we are already following each other. 🙂

    Pumpkin Emily Smiles

  • Kim Alston

    That was a nice swag bag of goodies 😉

  • @gardengal4466

    So much great loot! That looks like it was a blast with all those freebies. Can't wait to scroll down and read more about the convention.

  • monika berdnik

    These stuff is so great and interesting, sounds like an awesome event, and it looks like,
    according to the pictures.
    The bandana with a map sounds cool, I too am so bad with directions 🙂