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13 Personal Takeaways From 2 Years Of Blogging

13 Personal Takeaways From 2 Years Of Blogging

When you’ve been doing something for quite a while, you tend to learn things that you never meant to learn. You develop yourself into someone you never expected. I’ve been blogging for 2 years now since 2014, and I have grown so much. Starting a blog and getting serious about it has been hard and it just keeps getting harder as I go on learning that I need to do much more than I’m doing now. But I have slowly built myself into a blogger who knows so much more than the blogger I used to be when I started 2 years ago. If I can describe it physically, I feel like I’ve been working out, doing yoga everyday, lifting weights regularly, and going for runs every morning that I’ve build my blogging muscles over the course of time. I have so many takeaways, and I’m very grateful for them. So now I want to share with you my personal takeaways from 2 years of blogging.


I Became Patient

Being patient is probably the very first thing that I’ve learned as a blogger, and if you’re like me it will also the first thing that you’ll learn. Blogging is not a one night thing that if you start a blog today, tomorrow you’ll be making money. That’s not true. I’ve been blogging for two years now and I’m still barely making any income from blogging. But writing is something that I love to do, which is why I became patient with blogging that even if I don’t see the money yet, I just keep blogging.


I Became Persistent

Being persistent and patient as a blogger comes hand in hand, because blogging requires more than just waiting. Blogging is a form of marketing platform to attract client or customers using content. Content doesn’t just come fall out of the sky while you catch it and paste it on your blog for publishing. No, blogging requires persistent. It required me to keep on writing and creating posts.


I Learned To Socialize Online

If you know me personally, you will be shocked of what I’m about to share with you. I’m not really a sociable person on the internet. It’s true. I may be an extrovert when I’m in front of people personally but when I’m all by myself on the internet, I tend to become an introvert. There were even days when I ignored messages on Facebook from people asking how I was doing. Sorry about that. I just like to enjoy my time alone. That’s probably one thing I liked about blogging or I thought it was a part of blogging to not exactly socialize but just be an internet sensation. After 2 years of blogging, I realized that is not true. Socializing with other bloggers and influencers are definitely must dos.


I Got To Know Myself A Bit More

Here’s one great thing I can share with you about blogging. It forces you to dig deep into yourself because that is required to have originality in your posts. You can’t just copy and paste someone else’s work. You need to have your own personal touch. That’s how I got to know myself more.


13 Personal Takeaways From 2 Years Of Blogging 2 || KOL Blogging


I Worked Hard

Well, I’m currently working hard. Did you notice the daily publish of blog posts here on KOL Blogging Business? Not to mention the persistent hunt for guest blogging opportunities. Plus the regular social media campaigns. I can barely get some sleep. I’m not just creating blog content like a mad woman, I’m blogging like one. And it’s something I never thought I could do because I’ve always been a lazy person. Now I can say that I’m a hard worker.


I Studied

School was never my thing. I hated studying but I loved learning about things that interested me. That was not an option I could take forever. I didn’t take school seriously. I took it for granted and only went to classes I liked and barely passed the classes I hated. Pretty risky for a person who grew up poor. I may have ended up somewhere else. But because I want this so badly, I had to force myself to study and learn things, including those I don’t particularly like.


I Learned To Improve

Lazy person talking about improvement. It sounds nearly impossible. But here’s a thought. It’s only human nature to be lazy. It’s actually a natural thing. It’s one of the big reasons why our raise is here now. Because we want to do less, we automated everything. Things have become so much better. So I learned to improve not because I’m lazy, but because I just kept blogging. If Dori tells you to just keep swimming, let me tell you to just keep blogging.


I Became A Minimalist

I’m a crazy person, like literally I would wear anything with super bright colors of pinks, orange, and apple green at the same time, just like a crazy person. And when I first did my brand it was so much the same. I don’t have color matching talent. But as I go on blogging and comparing my brand to other blogs, it looks more like a wah-wah than a wow. Because I wasn’t looking at myself, I saw that it was too much. So I tried hard to get my brand as composed as possible. And that reflected on my personality too. No more fashion police catching me in my electric pink socks.


I Learned To Prioritize

Blogging is so much more than just publishing content. It is all about content but it’s not just about the writing. There are other things to be done, like the marketing, the branding, the campaigns, and so much more that it’s not possible for a none wonder woman to do all at once. That’s why I learned to prioritize and focused on doing the things that will be more productive. Like finding the right social media for my niche. I’ve tried almost all social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus, Snapchat, Periscope, Bloglovin, and even Youtube. And now I’ve landed on two that’s giving me most results. It’s Twitter and Pinterest.


I Overcame Frustration

Frustrations are always going to happen in any work or even just in hobbies. That’s one thing we all can never escape but it is something we can overcome. And there really is nothing to do but to overcome these frustrations as a blogger. I didn’t let them get to me for too long. I just got over them and kept blogging.


I Took Risks

Blogging can also be an investment and when there’s an investment there will always be risks. Just look at how much time I’ve already invested in this. Two years to be exact. I’ve also tried paid promotions on Twitter, and invested on tools to automate some of the work that needs to be done on my blog. It’s all a risk and I learned how to just take the jump and go for it.


I Got Out Of My Comfort Zone

If you think it’s easy to just share my thoughts and my experiences, it’s not. At least for me that’s true. I’ve never been comfortable at sharing my own stories. I’m usually at the other end of that conversation. I’m usually the listener. So with blogging, I got out of my comfort zone.


I Never Gave Up

Last but not the least, I never gave up. Well, there are probably times when I just wanted to quit and stop blogging because I’m not really getting anything out of it. But until now I’m still here and I’ve never worked any harder on my blog.


Have you been blogging for a while now? What are your personal takeaways from your blogging experience?


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  • Hi Heide, just wanted to pop over and visit you to say hi!! What a great post. So true…. all of them. My blog has only been live for 4 months, even though I’d been working on it for longer. I can see I’m going to have to be very, very patient, and work super hard. The stories of overnight success are few and far between. I think it’s far more normal for these things to take a lot of time. Slow and steady wins the race, I think! Love your writing style. 🙂

    • Thank you, Linda. You’re so sweet. I think blogging does create patience in us as bloggers. 🙂